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The Tough Girl Podcast is all about inspiring and motivating YOU! I will be interviewing inspirational women from around the world, who’ve faced and overcome difficult challenges and situations, they will share their story, their knowledge and provide advice and essential tips for you to overcome your own personal challenges. Please check out the Tough Girl Challenges website - and follow on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL
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Mar 28, 2023

Maddy is a 72-year-old runner, cyclist, mother of four, and grandmother to three. Her goal is to fight aging and show that we can do things long after we thought we couldn't.

Maddy has always enjoyed being outside since she was a child. At school, she enjoyed sports and spent a lot of time swimming with her brother.

Maddy has been running for more than four decades. She began running in 1977 at the age of 26. She was working for the military in a child guidance clinic in Munster, Germany.

Maddy was just running for pleasure, and prioritises her children after work. She was a social worker before becoming a teacher. She joined the Harriers in the 1990s and began running seriously in 1997–98. She has competed in every imaginable race, as well as loads that no longer exist.

In 2017, Maddy competed in over 30 races, winning the majority of them in her age category (V65). From 2004 to 2018, she ranked in the top 50 in the UK for her age group at distances ranging from 5K to marathon. She finished 14th among V65 women in the UK in the half marathon in 2017.

Maddy also finds time to coach and support other runners, and she has helped organise local parkruns. She set up Mansfield Runners in 2012 with Sue Bellingham's help. They started it when Run England was promoting beginner's groups. It is now a RunTogether group.


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Show Notes

  • Who is Maddy
  • 72 years young
  • Running since 27
  • Waiting for bi-lateral hip replacements
  • Her early years in the 1950s
  • Getting a TV when she was 7 yrs old
  • Getting a car when she was 11
  • Cycling everywhere 
  • Getting into running while working in West Germany
  • The restrictions on women’s running and women not being allowed to run long distances 
  • Starting to run every week around the woods
  • Why she loves running and being out in nature 
  • Moving back to England in 1981 
  • Signing up for the first Nottingham Half Marathon 
  • Having 4 children between 1983 and 1990
  • Joining Mansfield Harriers
  • Running during pregnancy and after having children 
  • Loving yoga and CrossFit 
  • Dealing with injury
  • Going back to the early 1980s
  • 1984 - when women were allowed to run the marathon 
  • Taking 25 yrs of running before signing up for her first marathon 
  • Running the London Marathon in 3hr 27mins (over 50)
  • Deciding to stop running road marathons
  • Training by herself 
  • Effort Sessions every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Mindset and mental strategy while running 
  • How times and knowledge have trained
  • Getting into coaching
  • Mansfield Runners 
  • The Stilton Stumble 
  • Dealing with Osteoporosis 
  • Why you need to keep moving when you have arthritis 
  • Advice for new runners
  • How to connect with Maddy
  • Having younger running friends 
  • The isolation that happens when your older
  • Entering the Bath Half
  • Women being veterans from 35
  • Being competitive 
  • Counting while running
  • Embracing technology
  • Magical memory from running
  • Racing with her daughter in the Italian Alps


Social Media

Instagram @collingemaddy



Mar 23, 2023

Amy Rusiecki is a full-time engineer with a passion for ultrarunning. 

Amy, who has been running her entire life, started out with orienteering when she was only six years old before moving onto cross country running and then transitioning to road racing (during which time she escaped to the trails to train).

During her ultrarunning career (Amy has completed 82 ultras and has won 33 of them), she has found confidence, joy and her husband. 

She is the Race Director for the Vermont 100 and coaches other ultrarunners through The Run Formula. 

She is a three-time member of the USA Trail Team, and is sponsored by Inov-8 and Drymax. 

Amy, her husband and their kitty live in western Massachusetts and mainly race throughout the East Coast.


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The Tough Girl Podcast is being sponsored throughout March by Inov-8.

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Show Notes

  • Who is Amy
  • Being a lifelong athlete 
  • Finding trail and ultra running
  • Ultra running since 2007
  • Being a race director and working as a full time engineer
  • Waking up super early!
  • Being from an active family 
  • Doing orienteering and becoming a cross country skier
  • Finding the right endurance sport
  • Running use to be a punishment when she was younger
  • Why she loves running
  • Signing up for her first 50 mile race
  • Doing her first marathon and trail marathon with her sister
  • Reading Ultra Marathon Man By Dean Karnazes 
  • Doing a relay race and roping in her work colleague 
  • Signing up for the Vermont 50 
  • Her mental approach to running endurance races 
  • Make sure you know your why
  • Being inspired by her friend 
  • Doing a 100 mile race without her crew or her friends 
  • 100 reasons why Amy is going to rock the 100!
  • Magical moments while racing 
  • 2015 - The World Mountain Running and Trail Championships 
  • Feeling bad for herself and just wanting to finish the race
  • Making the transition from being an elite athlete to a normal runner
  • Being more of a middle of the pack runner
  • Did she love the sport or was her passion for the sport tied to her success
  • Being ok with not winning 
  • Not being able to live unto the expectation of other runners
  • Working as a Race Director 
  • The gender split in the ultra races 
  • Breaking down barriers in the ultra race space 
  • Working with adaptive athletes 
  • Wanting to welcome everybody to the trails
  • Having a policy for pregnant women
  • What it’s like on race day being a race director 
  • Wanting things to be perfect 
  • Top tips and advice for new runners
  • Remove any notion in your head about what that mile will look like
  • Why it’s about covering the distance 
  • Top tips for experienced runners wanting to go after a 100 mile race
  • Why you need a race that inspires you 
  • Why it’s ok to pick something that you may fail at 
  • How to connect with Amy (she’s not on social media)
  • Beast Coast Trail Running
  • Working as a run coach through Run Formula 
  • Plans for 2023 - combining running and travel


Social Media

Seven Sisters Trail Race - 12 miles of technical, single track trail on an out-and-back course with over 3,500 ft. elevation gain 

Vermont 100 - 100 mile race

Vermont Adaptive:

Beast Coast Trail Running: 



Mar 21, 2023

Ingrid has loved competitive sports since a young age. Originally swimming was her passion and she began swimming competitively at 6 years old, she swam throughout high school and attending UCLA (a division 1 school) where she swam competitively for 2 years, while studying Sociology. 

After leaving college, Ingrid made the transition from swimming to running and also decided to become an actress. Played lifeguard Sheryl Whelan, on Baywatch as well as having roles on Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Castle, and Parenthood, to name a few!

At the age of 47 after running her fastest marathon ever, 2hr 48 mins in the 2019 LA Marathon. 

Ingrid was feeling the strongest and fittest she’d ever been. 

However, while training for her next challenge, she started to not feel well and after seeing her doctor was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ingrid underwent a double mastectomy, and continued to run while undergoing six rounds of chemotherapy as well as radiation.

Ingrid is a member of Janes an elite women’s running group based in LA and in 2021 Ingrid was inducted into the National Black Distance Running Hall of Fame.


2014 3rd Place Masters Female Chicago Marathon
2014 2nd Place Female Overall Orange County Marathon
2016 USATF Masters Half Marathon Championship: 5th place Masters Woman Overall
2021 2nd Place 50+, 12th Overall USATF Masters XC Club Nationals Tallahassee,FL
2022 1st Place 50+, 8th Overall USATF Masters XC Championships Mission Bay, CA


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Show Notes

  • Who is Ingrid 
  • Being based in Santa Monica, California, USA 
  • Racing for the past 10 years
  • Starting out as a competitive swimmer 
  • Swimming for 2 years in College at UCLA
  • Hating running when she was younger
  • Transition to running at 18/19 years old
  • Starting to work as a lifeguard for LA County 
  • Running on the beach and doing her first marathon
  • Running marathons and improving her times
  • Joining the Janes’ an elite running team in Santa Monica and wanting to break 3hrs in the marathon
  • Always loved training and competing 
  • Liking to challenge herself
  • Working as an actor for 26 years
  • Finding her niche in life
  • What was Ingrid like as a little girl 
  • Being taught to swim from a very young age
  • Being a junior lifeguard
  • Studying Sociology at College in the early 90s
  • Getting into acting and booking her first commercial 
  • Acting in Baywatch
  • Gradually falling in love with running
  • Hal Higdon - Marathon training plan 
  • Deciding to join the Janes Elite Running Club 
  • Taking 5 years to run under 3hrs
  • Being fully committed to her running program 
  • Getting a running coach and running 70 miles a week
  • Breaking 3 hrs when she was 45 years old
  • Starting to change her training and wanting to go faster
  • Running 100mile weeks for 3 months before the LA Marathon
  • Running 2.48 at the LA Marathon!!!
  • Starting to not feel well and being diagnosed with Breast Cancer
  • Feeling shocked
  • The next steps to follow 
  • Being supported by the running community 
  • Running throughout her treatment 
  • Having surgery in August 2019
  • Getting into cross country races in 2021
  • Having a baby heart attack at a race in New Jersey
  • Figuring out what happened
  • Looking at running in a different way 
  • Reframing the situation in her mind
  • Advice for new runners starting out
  • The joy of making running fun!
  • A magical running memory 
  • How to connect with Ingrid 


Social Media

Instagram @ingridwalt

Janes Elite Racing - 

Mar 16, 2023

A Swiss-born ultrarunner, Luzia Buehler now lives in the mountains, trying to live a good life while protecting what is most important to her.

Luzia has always been an athletic person since she was a child because of her great love for the outdoors and the mountains. Luzia discovered her passion for trail running when she was about 20 years old, and she has since competed in all of the most important international races.

In 2016, Luzia competed in the Western States 100 race for the first time, finishing 27th (27hrs 03mins) and 11th (20hrs 23mins) in 2019.

Having run this race twice, which has greatly prepared her, Luzia, 40, has rocked the world’s oldest 100-mile trail race, the Western States Endurance Run, by becoming the 4th place women's finisher in a time of 18 hours, 08 minutes last year.

Luzia is also a social worker who enjoys skiing and snowboarding during the winter.


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The Tough Girl Podcast is being sponsored throughout March by Inov-8.

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Show Notes

  • Who Luzia
  • Living in East Switzerland by the mountains 
  • Working as a social worker
  • Being the youngest child and growing up in a sport family
  • Getting into skiing at a young age
  • Always being a runner
  • Working as a cook and fitting in running around her hours
  • Doing her first Half Marathon on the road and why it wasn’t good!
  • Working with running coach Ellie Greenwood
  • Listen to Ellie Greenwood on the Tough Girl Podcast 2016 
  • Needing more flexibility in her training 
  • Western States 100 mile endurance race 
  • Running the WS100 in 2016 and why it was the hardest thing she has ever done
  • Running for 27 hrs and needing to walk the majority of the race
  • Wanting to come back and do the race again (this time training with Ellie)
  • Winning a golden ticket to gain entry to Western States in 2018 
  • Going into the race with a lot of passion 
  • Why it’s so much more than a race
  • Having stomach problems on Raceday - but completing it in 20hrs 
  • Wanting to race the Western States again in 2022
  • Completing the WS100 in 18hrs 8 mins 27 secs
  • Why it was such a good day and feeling proud of herself 
  • Race strategy and tactics for Western States
  • Needing to run at her own pace
  • Feeling the impact of jet lag and needing to go slower at the start
  • Running really well when she runs alone 
  • Starting to overtake a few people and having fun while she raced. 
  • Just keep smiling and keep putting one foot in front of the other 
  • What’s going on in her head while racing 
  • Trying to stay in the current moment and be in the present
  • Fuelling and nutrition while racing 
  • Wanting to eat more salty food and less fatty food
  • Pizza and beer at the end of the race
  • How she recovers after a 100 mile race 
  • Taking a week or 2 weeks off from running 
  • Supplements?
  • “The future is unwritten” - what does that mean?
  • Her dream race - Hardrock 100 
  • Being an inov-8 ambassador 
  • Advice for new runners who are just starting out 
  • Losing her running mojo and what she does when she doesn’t feel like running
  • Remembering her why - why does she run?
  • Wanting to create happy memories 
  • Her favourite paid of Inov-8 trainers
  • Wearing PARKCLAW G 280 in the Western States 100
  • Advice for more experienced runners
  • Why time on feet really does count 
  • Doing strength training 2/3x a week 
  • Remaining injury free due to strength training 
  • Why cycling is good as well
  • How you can connect with Luzia on IG


Social Media

Instagram @luz.s.y



Mar 14, 2023

Allie spent a lot of her life seeking approval from people she thought were cool, believing that in order to be successful, you had to act a certain way. For her, success is seeing someone who doesn't believe they can do something transform into someone who does.

After working for major record labels for 12 years, Allie realised that music, which she had once loved, was slowly killing her. Her dream career had turned her into a nightmare, and she was completely lost. Allie has struggled to find her place and suffers from depressive demons, anxiety, and existential misery.

After taking part in the inaugural Rat Race Test Pilot trip to Mongolia in 2018, she realised it was the first time she had truly had time to stop, think, and be completely at peace. Fast forward, after three and a half years, numerous journeys, a pandemic, some questionable decisions, and a lot of planning and running, Allie is now coaching other people to do amazing things.

Allie holds several world firsts to her name, including running across Mongolia's Lake Khovsgol and crossing the Namib Desert twice. Allie is the first woman to run the entire length of the Panama Canal. She has also run the length of the Outer Hebrides, crossed Scotland on packraft and foot several times, and completed over 100 marathons and 60-70 ultramarathons, including nine 100-mile plus races.

Allie started running 10 years ago and have only being doing the ultra thing for 6 years, but she absolutely love it. It's a game changer. Allie believes that it is something that anyone of any age and from any background can participate in.

Allie has been extremely lucky to have discovered something she truly enjoys doing, and her favorite thing in the entire world is seeing people achieve things they never thought were possible

"There's nobody funner than an Ultrarunner" - Allie Bailey


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* We have previously spoken with Allie on 18th Dec 2018 - Listen here 


FYI marked as *Explicit - as there are a few little swear words!


Show Notes

  • Who is Allie Bailey
  • Meeting her dogs!
  • Why ultra running and why she loves it 
  • Writing her book 
  • How running helps with her mental health 
  • Being able to process her thoughts 
  • Going more into adventure running
  • Her favourite distance to run…
  • Liking 100 mile races
  • LEJOG - Lands End to John O’Groats
  • The ultimate dream 
  • Working with Rat Race 
  • Starting on the 1st June 2022
  • Running on average 35 miles a day
  • The hardest part of the LEJOG challenge
  • The mental side of the challenge
  • The challenges of being away from home
  • What a typical day looked like 
  • Starting with the South West Coast Path
  • Running 44 miles into Bristol over 12 hrs
  • Chocolate milk
  • Being in bed asleep by 8pm
  • Snacking all day
  • Having a rest day once a week 
  • Staying injury free throughout the journey 
  • Wanting to finish the run
  • Voltarol gel to help with the pain
  • Using bonjela to numb blisters 
  • Wearing Inov-8 Parkclaw G280 - for 750 miles (then wearing a second pair for the final 250 miles) - “the greatest shoe of all time”
  • The ultra playlist on Spotify - The Bailey Ultra Sound System 
  • Getting to Scotland and the final few days 
  • Spending time by herself towards the end 
  • Getting to John O’Groats and doing the final mile 
  • Feeling underwhelmed with what she had achieved 
  • What she would have done differently 
  • Wishing she had done more strength training before she left
  • Costs of taking on a challenge like this 
  • Dragons Back Race, Wales 
  • Getting timed out on day 2 
  • Why it was the most intense thing she’s ever done
  • Feeling like a fraud 
  • Taking herself out of the situation
  • The lessons learned from the experience
  • Wanting to go back in 2024 and try again
  • Not being kind to herself
  • Being able to reframe the situation 
  • Time off in 2023…..
  • Planning to do her first 200 miler and wanting to run all the Wainwrights in a year
  • Taking 10 days off running!!!
  • How you can connect with Allie
  • Final words of wisdom and advice for women who want to get into running and take it to the next level
  • Finding your people, find your tribe, find your people 
  • Ultra Awesome FB Group


Social Media


Instagram @ab_runs 

Twitter  @AllieBailey 




Mar 9, 2023

Rav is a mum of 3 teenagers and works as a management consultant. 

Rav only found running later on in life when she was in her late 30’s. She started running to prove a point to someone who said she couldn’t run. Rav soon realised that fitness initiatives such as Park Run and races just weren’t for her.  

Her joy for running came from the solitude and peace she found while on an empty trail or a calm street.  

Rav now runs for fun, for her mental well being and to keep fit. In 2022 she completed a goal she had had for 20 years - running the London Marathon.


Rav is currently on a run streak where she has been running outside every day for almost 5 years. She is also training for her next challenge: a 32 mile / 52k Ultra Marathon in the Peak District taking place in the Summer of 2023! 

“Find what makes you happy. Do more of it”


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Show Notes

  • Who is Rav
  • 42 year old, mum of 3 teenagers
  • Celebrating her 5 year run streak in March 2023
  • Her early years and growing up in a strict Indian family 
  • Not being sporty
  • Being pushed down the academic route
  • Deciding to join a gym
  • Getting her first pair of trainers when she was 36
  • Joining a hotel gym and going at night
  • Getting into swimming 
  • Starting her IG account to document her fitness journey 
  • Buying trainers
  • The motivation behind wanting to run
  • Wanting to prove people wrong
  • Not wanting to be seen in public
  • Deciding to run outside on the 17th May 2017
  • Doing a 12 week fitness challenge which involved running 200 miles
  • Setting running goals
  • RED January
  • The power of spending 30 mins outside each day
  • Meeting Scott who was run streaking 
  • How the purpose of the run streak has changed since she started
  • Motivating herself to run on the tough days
  • London Marathon 26.2 miles 
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • Having social anxiety while running and not being able to do park run 
  • Getting a plan in places for races 
  • Running plans being stopped due to covid and doing the virtual London Marathon 
  • Doing 9 virtual marathons in 12 weeks 
  • Finding the training hard when running 18 miles+
  • Joining a fitness program - Six Pack Revolution
  • Not being able to run the London Marathon in 2021
  • Dealing with injury and the recovery process while still running every day
  • Losing her running confidence
  • The unofficial running community!
  • Getting over her mental block when running longer distances
  • Getting her running confidence back and starting to work with a running coach
  • Dealing with the fear of getting injured again 
  • The start line of the London Marathon 2022
  • Being a glam runner - hot pink lipstick and shades!
  • Being supported by friends 
  • Wanting to make the most of the day
  • The toughest part of the race and struggling around mile 16 and mile 24
  • Not wanting to do another road marathon again 
  • How to connect with Rav
  • Top tips and advice to help you get out running 


Social Media


Twitter @ravbillan 


Instagram @ravbillan 



Mar 7, 2023

Grace in her own words:


“I’m driven by the need to inspire other people of colour on to the trails.


I want to increase diversity and participation in endurance running. 


I’m also tired of being the only Black person at endurance events and feeling like I don’t belong. 


I’ve run 70+ marathons including ultras, and I’m still going.”



New episodes of the Tough Girl Podcast go live in March every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am UK time - Hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out. 


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Get involved with the #MarchDailyMile Challenge. Run 1 mile everyday in March. 



Show notes

  • Being based on the South Coast of the UK
  • Working as a management consultant 
  • Starting running in 2009
  • Training for her first 10k
  • Her early years and what she was like as a little girl
  • Being sporty but not outdoorsy
  • Her brothers and sisters
  • Her children and grandchildren 
  • Being supported and inspired by fellow runners
  • Running her first 5k
  • Being determined to get better
  • Signing up for her first race
  • Running in the dark
  • Not having the confidence to run outdoors
  • Not wanting to stop
  • Joining a local running club
  • Running off road
  • Her love for running and feeling happy
  • Her accidental half marathon
  • What running has taught her
  • Running her first marathon in 2011
  • Running the Brighton Marathon multiple times
  • Sharing the lessons she’s learned
  • Why the race starts at mile 20
  • What a typical training week looks like
  • Focusing on strength training
  • Wanting to be the best version of herself
  • Practicing yoga
  • Girls run the world 
  • The Atlantic Coast Challenge
  • Finishing the race at Land’s End and feeling emotional 
  • Focusing on core and endurance 
  • Fuelling her long runs and focusing on eating real food
  • The women who have inspired her
  • How to connect with Grace
  • Final words of advice for new runners


Social Media


Instagram @marathongracefully




Mar 2, 2023

Keri Wallace is the founder & guide at Girls on Hills, the UK’s only trail, fell and skyrunning company for women. After her second child, Keri decided to quit the desk-job and find a way to combine her passion for mountain running with flexible working, so that she could fulfil a life goal and be mum to two toddlers at the same time.  

Keri in her own words: 

“I started Girls on Hills with my colleague Nancy Kennedy in 2013, as a way to encourage more women to try trail and fell running. It was a terrifying leap of faith and a dream-come-true rolled into one. It felt like the opposite of a mid-life crisis though; like I’d finally found the confidence to stand up and do something I should have done a long time ago. But I had no idea whether it would take off!  

We only ran a handful of courses the first year but it soon became clear that there was a real appetite out there for the kind of freedom and empowerment that comes with this type of running – across all ability levels.   

I love guiding women around the rocky hills of Glencoe, helping them build the confidence and skills they need to become more independent in the mountains (usually a simple case of revealing how much they are already capable of!) Mountain running is such a multi-faceted sport, with benefits that reach out and touch all other areas of your life.        

As Girls on Hills has grown over the years, we have learned more about the barriers that many women face, across all levels of our sport, from beginner access, right through to elite-level racing. Today we advocate strongly for equity and inclusivity and seek to increase female participation in technical and ultra-distance events, where the gender gap is greatest.” 


New episodes of the Tough Girl Podcast go live in March every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am UK time - Hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out. 

The Tough Girl Podcast is being sponsored throughout March by Inov-8.

Get involved with the #MarchDailyMile Challenge. Run 1 mile everyday in March. 


Show notes

  • Who is Keri
  • Growing up in Cornwall 
  • How she ended up living in Scotland 
  • Playing a lot of traditional sports when she was younger
  • The women who have inspired her
  • Working as a science teacher in her 20s
  • Getting into climbing
  • Making a transition from being a teacher to working in the outdoor world 
  • Doing the 3 peaks challenge in 24hrs
  • Getting into running
  • The challenges of doing her first mountain marathon 
  • Training for races and how it’s changed over the years
  • The Trans Alpine Run 
  • The mental side of running challenges
  • Info for new mums who are running
  • Losing her mojo for running
  • Getting anxious about racing 
  • Wanting to push herself on her own terms
  • Not being able to stick to a fixed program 
  • Creating Girls on Hills in 2018 with Nancy Kennedy 
  • Helping to break barriers down and encourage more women into running
  • Working as a champion for She Races 
  • Talking about confidence
  • Reassuring women who run
  • Sky running and technical mountain running 
  • Fastest Known Time (FKT) for the Glencoe Round
  • Women FKT - Women with a goal to flip the FKT statistics. Highlighting women’s FKTs everywhere. IG @womenwhofkt 
  • Why it’s not about the time with FKTs
  • Role models in running
  • How to connect with Keri 
  • Final words of advice to help you get out of the door and go running


Social Media




Instagram @girlsonhillsuk 


Facebook @GirlsOnHills 

Feb 28, 2023

Kate in her own words...

"My name is Kate Strong and I don’t believe in living a compromised life. From an early age, I felt I was different. I was curiously questioning almost everything I did, and realised that living within society’s comfort zone doesn’t always create inspiring and extraordinary results.

My mission is to inspire and empower people just like you to step up and achieve what you know intuitively that you know you want.

Add clarity, direction, a sense of purpose and methods to maintain your desire to move forward to achieve and live your dreams.

For over two decades, I tried to fit in. I put what other people expected of me ahead of what I truly wanted to do. I was not being entirely me – I was conforming and compromising.

At university, I studied Engineering – to please my parents (I did enjoy the challenge of learning a new topic, but being an engineer was never my dream).

After graduating, I went to Latin America. Yet, I eventually ‘returned to normal’ and started to ‘settle down’ – following the unspoken rules of society.

I find it curious why most people wait until a ‘cliff edge moment’ before making significant changes. I was no different, waiting until after a dramatic break-up with my fiancé that left me financially in debt and emotionally distraught did I finally accept that things needed to change. I needed to change.

It was time I started to live for me and feed what could be rather than resign to what is already. Far too many people are settling for below their potential, in a state of discomfort: Living for Friday afternoon and the next pay cheque. Life doesn’t have to be like this.

Applying this philosophy, I took up running and became age-group World Triathlon Champion. I have been striving to stop reacting to circumstances and instead continue to consciously create a life that inspires me and others."


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Show Notes

  • Who is Kate Strong
  • Her early years and growing up in Wales
  • Loving sport from a young age
  • Not loving the competitive side of sport
  • Wanting to connect with herself and nature through sport
  • Studying engineering in France for 5 years
  • Having a life while studying 
  • Her first big physical challenge
  • Learning lessons from cycling to the Alps
  • Treating physical challenges with respect
  • Going through an emotional breakup 
  • Getting into triathlon while being based in Australia
  • Not wanting to cap her potential  
  • Wanting to be number one in the world
  • Needing a big goal 
  • Getting started with training for a triathlon
  • Just wanting to spend time outside and do something physical
  • Overcoming her own excuses 
  • Letting herself have the permission to put herself first 
  • Starting to add some structure to her training
  • Healing from the breakup and moving on 
  • Why she’s still on the healing journey 
  • Learning to use her pain as a strength 
  • Using triathlon as a distraction
  • Becoming age group world champion in 14 months 
  • Selling the business and moving back to UK in 2014
  • Starting at zero 
  • Working on her mindset and belief in herself
  • Racing at the world championships in China 
  • Figuring out ways to make it happen
  • Focusing on her future and healing 
  • Focus on the WHY and the HOW will sort itself out
  • Showing up everyday regardless of what was happening in her life
  • Being supported by her local community who crowdfunded for her
  • Race day and saying her intentions to come first in the race
  • Focusing on doing her best in the current moment
  • Having an attitude of gratitude 
  • Being vegan and plant based
  • Deciding to stop eating dairy and the impact it had on her performance after 5 days
  • What a typical day of eating looks like
  • Tour de Wales and Challenge 3000
  • Getting injured during Tour de Wales and having to make changes to the plan
  • How the idea came about and how it changed and evolved over time
  • Wanting to travel slower and in a more sustainable way
  • How to connect with Kate and get involved with her challenge
  • The Strong Voice Podcast
  • Final words of advice - go out and start exploring with curiosity


Social Media



Instagram  @katestrong01

Facebook @katestrong01 

Twitter @katestrong01 



Feb 21, 2023

Nirjala is a 41-year-old Nepalese national triathlete and a mother of two. She was Nepal's national mountain biking champion for 12 years, from 2001 to 2012, and after dominating the mountain biking scene for 12 years, Nirjala was known as the "Mountain Queen" by her peers. Nirjala is now a triathlete on the Nepal National Team.

On June 6th, 2021, Nirjala completed the UK Ultimate Triathlon event in Whitchurch after 15 hours and 13 minutes. The full Ironman distance includes 3.8 kilometers of swimming, 180 kilometers of cycling, and 42 kilometers of running. She then became the first Nepali female athlete to complete a full Ironman-distance triathlon.

Her historic achievement was publicly recognized as the "First Nepalese Female Athlete to achieve" by Nepal Triathlon Association President, Mr. Nilendra Raj Shrestha.


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Show notes

  • Who is Nirjala
  • Speaking with Nirjala previously on the Tough Girl Podcast
  • Discovering triathlon 
  • Living in UAE in 2011 and training for mountain biking 
  • Thinking about doing an Ironman
  • Making the transition from mountain biking to triathlon 
  • Stopping mountain biking and focusing on family 
  • Wanting to lose weight after having children
  • Getting back into training after having a C section 
  • Why she wanted to do a triathlon 
  • Learning how to swim as an adult 
  • Overcoming her fear of open water
  • Taking on her first sprint triathlon 
  • Learning to swim front crawl in 2018
  • Not feeling confident in the water 
  • Dealing with feelings of panic while in the water
  • Feeling more confident in the water 
  • Training for open water swimming 
  • Learning how to float 
  • Doing her first Full Ironman triathlon
  • Following a free training plan found online
  • Balancing training time with her family 
  • Being on the start line of the race
  • Being worried about the cold water
  • Eating during the race
  • Feeling relief and happiness crossing the finish line
  • Recovering afterwards
  • Feeling a lot of pain at the end and not being able to sleep
  • How to connect and follow on the social 
  • Final words of advice to motivate and inspire you to take on your next challenge
  • How to face your fears even when you are afraid 
  • Why you can do anything you want in your life


Social Media





Feb 14, 2023

Camille Herron is an American ultramarathon runner. She was born on Christmas Day in Norman, Oklahoma. She credits her athletic ability and steely toughness to her grandpa, who earned two Purple Hearts in World War II, and her dad, who played college basketball at Oklahoma State University for 3-time Olympic Team Coach, Henry Iba. As a 7-year-old she would practice basketball without water until she would black out. When she was 17, her family became homeless when they lost their home in a tornado. She started running long on Sundays to celebrate her life.

Camille won the 2017 Comrades Marathon and holds several World Record times at ultramarathon distances. She is the first and only athlete to win all three of the road IAU World Championships for 50K, 100K, and 24 Hours. Camille also holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon in a superhero costume. She is known for running with her hair down, drinking beer, and eating tacos during ultramarathons.

In November 2017, she broke Ann Trason's 100-mile Road World Record by over an hour in 12:42:40. She is the first woman to run under 13 hours for 100 miles, exceed 150 km for 12-Hours, and reach 270 km for 24-Hours. In April 2022, she became the youngest woman to reach 100,000 lifetime miles.

Camille has overcome multiple challenges in her life, including injuries as a young runner and the loss of her family's home in the 1999 tornado outbreak in Oklahoma. In February 2019, just two weeks after surviving a rollover car accident, she won the Tarawera 100 Miler in Rotorua, New Zealand in a new course record of 17:20:52.

She was a 3-time All-Stater in cross country, 3-time State Champion in track and field, and valedictorian at Westmoore High School. As a young runner, Camille experienced many injuries and was inspired to understand why. She got back into competitive running as a road racer in her fifth year of college coached by her husband and former elite runner, Conor Holt. In 2007, Camille graduated from Oregon State University with a Master of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Science.


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Show Notes

  • Who is Camille
  • Being a marathoner for 10 years before getting into ultra running
  • Committing to ultra running in 2015
  • Wikipedia for Camille 
  • Being a shy kid with high energy
  • Getting into dance ad basketball before running 
  • Playing point guard in basketball
  • Finding running very natural 
  • Doing her first cross country race
  • Meeting her husband in college
  • Being surrounded by super runners and being inspired
  • Running miles for fun
  • Suffering from injuries and wanting to understand why
  • Winning 3 state titles in high school
  • Growing 9 inches and dealing with multiple stress fractures 
  • Being told by doctors not to run competitively 
  • Being taught how to train properly
  • Studying bone and exercise in grad school
  • Remaining injury free from her mid 20s
  • Reaching 100,000 miles in running 
  • Being part of a research study at Stanford
  • Her running routine 
  • Running periods and peri-menopause
  • Using her period as a marker of health
  • Having a mineral imbalance
  • Low magnesium and high iron
  • Working with a dietitian 
  • Foot strike haemolysis 
  • Recovery and sleeping after big training sessions
  • The Root Cause Protocol
  • Getting into a better routine at night
  • Feeling the best she’s ever felt at 40
  • Loving 24hr races and why its the hardest distance 
  • Strategy for 24hr races
  • Mentally breaking down the race
  • Why it’s the hardest ultra race
  • The motivation and where it comes from
  • Future races and wanting to race more trail races
  • Connect with Camille
  • Coaching with Camille
  • Advice for new runners 


Social Media



Instagram @runcamille 

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Twitter @runcamille 



Feb 7, 2023

Amy Aed is a travel writer and adventurer from Wales who was the first person to walk the entire Danube River.

Amy was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at the age of 15, and the daily impact on her health was a struggle, but there’s nothing stopping her from living the life she wants.

On 14th September 2022, Amy finally finished the 1770-mile journey and became the first person to walk the Danube river, more or less a year after she started.

Amy is also the face behind the blog Wandering Everywhere. She enjoys writing raw, off-the-beaten-path guides to beautiful places.

Amy's writing has been featured in Sick Chirpse, The New Welsh Review, Yahoo! Lifestyle, Buzz Magazine, Wanderlust Magazine, Buzzfeed, and many more.

About the blog:

Wandering Everywhere is a space filled with raw, off-the-beaten-track travel guides on gorgeous places, with a focus on solo female travel and travelling when there’s a million obstacles in front of you.

This blog is for the travel-hungry, those who are on the constant search of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s for the people who are all about asking questions and collecting stories, sharing their passion for exploration in an outlet designed to inspire a whole community of travellers.

Wandering Everywhere is a blog set out to inspire others to live a life of a travel in a way that needn’t be scary, expensive, or isolating – where wandering and wondering go hand in hand. Let’s turn the world travel-hungry.


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*This walk was started 1st September 2021 and finished 14th September 2022


Show notes

  • Who is Amy
  • Her early years
  • Wanting to travel from a young age
  • Her blog - Wandering-everywhere and how it evolved from a book blog to what it is now 
  • Travelling to Germany and writing about travelling 
  • Working with tourism boards 
  • Walking the length of the Danube river.
  • Where the idea came from 
  • Doing research on the Danube and finding out that no one had walked it before 
  • Not doing a lot of planning and preparation
  • Concerns before taking on this challenge
  • Feeling excited to go and travel
  • Planning to walk 40 miles a day and finish the challenge in a month
  • Having to go home multiple times during the trip
  • Never having done a walking trip before
  • Doing about 25km on average per day
  • Deciding to walk with other people 
  • Not being able to finish the trip before Christmas
  • Having to make changes to the journey
  • The challenges of walking with teammates (girlfriend - Emily and friend - Ines)
  • The challenges of taking a break during the walk and going back to it 
  • Feeling ready to finish and end the trip
  • Being diagnosed at age 15 with Crohn’s Disease.
  • Changing her diet and eating while walking
  • Not taking care of herself and getting ill
  • Figuring out what her food triggers were
  • Getting food and resupply while walking 
  • Money and costs of the challenge
  • Receiving a small grant for £500 and a small amount of sponsorship 
  • The biggest lesson and learning from the challenge
  • Dealing with the street dogs
  • Not being able to rely on other people
  • The ending of the journey and reaching the Black Sea
  • The Danube Delta and not being able to walk the end and needing to take a boat
  • Why the end was underwhelming and vey different from what she imagined
  • Magical moments from the walk
  • Deciding not to camp anymore
  • Using couch surfing for the first time 
  • Future plans - a road trip through Eastern Europe and going to Mexico for the day of the dead celebration
  • How to connect with Amy 
  • Final words of advice for women who want to get wandering and travelling 


Social Media



Instagram @wandering-everywhere 

Facebook @wanderingeverywherepage 

Twitter @wandrevrywhere 



Jan 31, 2023

Crystal Rose in her own words:

“I am Crystal Hudelson (she/her) a cishet (both cisgender and heterosexual) gender Black woman

I am a foster youth who was brought up by the state. This gives me incredible empathy for marginalized people which is what led me to my work with Climbers of Color (CoC).

I am in love with sport climbing (specifically outdoor leading). Certifications: The American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) apprentice rock guide, Single Pitch Instructor

All of my climb training focuses on being a solid leader outside on rock. I used to co-host Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC - Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) climb nights for Climbers of Color at Stone Gardens Bellevue since it started there.

Climbers of Color opened up a platform for people like me to connect and teach with the climbing community in the closest way to my heart: Black people, people of color, and marginalized communities.

As my involvement grew, I became part of a new branch of CoC: outdoor rock climbing instruction. My partner and I developed all the instructional programs for rock at CoC and strive to make each course a welcoming, equitable, and informational experience for each participant.

CoC is the entity who has mentored me through the AMGA certification process and trusts I will do a good job. They have placed a confidence in me I have known few other places and I am grateful for it.

Within the BIPOC climbing community, I have seen a wide array of abilities and experience. 

I want you to know that we see you because we are looking. We see you and want to honor you by creating a strong climbing community who shares joy with one another. Bringing one’s culture and ancestral essence into climbing is what will allow us to enter the climbing community as our whole selves.

Fun facts about me: My ancestry is Haitian and Irish. By day I work as an aircraft mechanic in the avionics department on heavy jets and my partner and I are building our first climbing wall in our backyard.

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Show Notes

  • Who is Crystal Rose
  • Her current roles
  • What she was like as a little girl
  • Not having the opportunity to go outside much
  • Trying to find her place in the world
  • Getting into rock climbing through her partner Keith
  • Her passion for climbing and the outdoors
  • Meeting Keith and how their relationship developed 
  • Not coming from an athletic background
  • Enjoying the mental aspect of the challenge
  • Managing fear and being able to believe in herself 
  • Her love for sports climbings 
  • Sport Leading Outside and why its her favourite type of climbing 
  • Her journey in getting her climbing qualifications 
  • The American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) 
  • Single Pitch Instructor Course
  • Needing traditional gear and being supported by the climbing community 
  • Gear Fund Collective - IG @thegearfundcollective 
  • The challenge of finding climbing partners 
  • Managing fear while climbing 
  • The power of breath work and why it is one of the best tools you can use
  • Getting into a mindful space 
  • Falling out of love with climbing in 2021
  • The need for rest and figuring out a balance 
  • Being a Co-director of Climbers of Color (CoC) which was established in 2017
  • Her volunteer role at Climber of Color 
  • Working full time as an airline mechanic 
  • Assisting people to become guides
  • Driving change in the climbing world
  • Having scholarships available 
  • Partnering with the American Alpine Institute 
  • Her passion for writing and sharing on her blog - Rock Rose Blog - Examine the intersection of climbing, Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color, and policy.  
  • Magical moments while climbing
  • Reflecting back on one of the hardest climbs she’s ever done
  • Not feeling worthy of being able to climb at a certain grade
  • Climb training for sport climbing 
  • Following the Anderson Brothers Training Manual 
  • Mercedes Pollmeier - Longevity Climbing Coach IG @modusathletica 
  • Modus Athletica Website 
  • Working with Climbing Coach Emily Taylor IG @browngirlsclimbing1
  • Brown Girls Climbing - 1st all BIPOC girls & GNB youth pioneering adventure based-climbing from Ohlone Land. Website - 
  • How climbing and your everyday life can cross over
  • Advice for women who want to start climbing and to step outside their comfort zone
  • Look for an affinity group and finding a climbing partner who you connect with 
  • Connecting with people via the internet and social media 
  • Safety is number one and the skills will follow
  • Building her own home climbing wall 
  • The community feel of the project 
  • Deciding to name the climbing wall - the Monolith
  • How to connect with Crystal Rose
  • Final words of advice 
  • Why healing isn’t linear 


Social Media


Blog - 


Personal Instagram 



Go Fund Me - - Examine the intersection of climbing, Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color, and policy.  


Climbers of Colour - Creating leaders of color in mountaineering and climbing. Based in Western Washington.


IG:  @climbersofcolor

Facebook Group: 

Jan 24, 2023

Victoria is an ambassador for UK charity ‘Women in Sport’. Having developed a love of adventure in her late twenties, she progressed from running and cycling to summits of Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso and Kilimanjaro. 

In March 2022 she became the fastest female to solo row 2,559 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, finishing in 40 days, 21 hours and 1 minute and knocking 8.5 days off the previous Guinness World Record.

Outside of adventure, Victoria is a sports and media lawyer with over ten years of experience practising in both the UK and Switzerland. Having held roles in both European and Olympic federations, as well as commercial media organisations, she focuses on the development and negotiation of sports sponsorship and licensing, media creation and distribution, and sports governance. She uses her legal training to tackle gender equality in sport, securing the first written pregnancy deferral policy of an organised race in February 2022 when Ironman agreed to collaborate, and now focusing heavily on safeguarding.


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Show Notes

  • Who is Victoria 
  • Woking as a commercial lawyer
  • Being based in London
  • Growing up in the countryside in Yorkshire
  • Not being interested in sports as a young age
  • Getting into fitness in her mid/late 20s
  • Deciding to become a lawyer
  • Wanting to become financially secure
  • Training in Manchester and working long hours
  • Moving to Switzerland and getting into the outdoor lifestyle
  • Doing her first (and only) triathlon
  • Getting into climbing mountains
  • Where the dream to row the Atlantic Ocean came from
  • Wanting to make a change 
  • Doing work with UN Women 
  • Doing research into ocean rowing
  • The reasons behind the challenge
  • Being inspired by the women on the tough girl podcast
  • The practical steps taken to make the dream a reality 
  • Having to quit her job to take on the ocean row
  • Taking a leap of faith and finding a way to make it happen
  • Connecting with Women in Sport
  • Sorting out the basics
  • Rannoch Adventures 
  • Securing her title sponsor at the end of 2019
  • Sitting her ocean rowing exams in Feb 2020
  • Going into lockdown in March 2020
  • Planning to go in 2021 and needing to postpone to 2022
  • Dealing with new challenges and setbacks
  • Deciding to go freelance as a lawyer
  • Dealing with the stress before getting to the start line
  • Having a fantastic support network
  • The start of the challenge
  • Structure on the boat?!
  • The challenges while on the boat
  • The magical moments while out on the water
  • Focusing on the good
  • What are you doing? Why are you here?
  • The mental side of the row
  • Having no let up at all 
  • Needing to be the one to fix every problem and every issue
  • Getting through the tough days 
  • Making history and breaking records
  • Not wanting to do another adventure at this level
  • Wanting to help and support athletes with safeguarding issues
  • Looking after her own mental health 
  • Taking a break from exercise and fitness
  • How to connect with Victoria 
  • The importance of knowing your why and why you are passionate about it
  • Back yourself
  • Listening to multiple episodes of the Tough Girl Podcast


Social Media


Instagram @seachangesport  



Jan 17, 2023

Phillipa in her own words:

“I’ve been an OS GetOutside Champion since 2020, I’m the Chief Volunteer Queen for Adventure Queens South Wales and deputy chair of the Brecon Beacons National Park LAF. 

I’ve just turned 50 and am not your stereotypical outdoor type. I’ve never been great at sports and I’m not a pretty sight puffing and panting up a mountain. But being outdoors makes me feel alive – it’s my soul food. 

My goal is to encourage more women of every age, size, ability and background to participate in outdoor activities and that’s what I do for Adventure Queens South Wales. 

Adventure Queens is an online UK-based community of more than 20,000 women. Its goal is to encourage, inspire and educate more women to get outside. 

Over the past four years I’ve organised weekends away (camping, surfing, scrambling, climbing, hiking, climbing, kayaking and wild swimming), day walks, social evenings and walked the 99-mile Beacons Way. On top of that I’ve given live online talks, organised virtual meet ups and mentored new members. 

AQ has transformed my own life. I was a cautious day walker before I joined, but since then I’ve become a seasoned camper, I’ve completed multi-day hikes, learned scrambling, climbing, surfing and paddle-boarded – I keep pinching myself as I can’t believe this is really me!”

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Show Notes

  • Who is Phillipa?
  • Being the Chief Queen for Adventure Queens, South Wales
  • Working as a journalist
  • Spending all her free time in the mountains 
  • How life has changed over the past 4 years
  • Growing up in Hampshire
  • Her passion for the outdoors 
  • Wanting to do more stuff outside - but not knowing how to go about it
  • The start of her journalism career
  • Meeting her partner who was outdoorsy at 28
  • Her gateway to the outdoors
  • Developing new skills and building confidence in navigation and map reading
  • Staying in her comfort zone
  • The Beacons Way - 99 mile thru-hike
  • First hearing about the Adventure Queens
  • Being inspired to say yes and take on new challenges
  • Deciding to run the Adventure Queens South Wales Group
  • Finding people to walk the Beacons Way with
  • Connecting with like minded people
  • The first weekend of the challenge
  • You have to start somewhere
  • The sense of achievement at the end
  • Learning to camp and wild camp
  • Advice for women who do want to start spending time in the outdoors
  • The benefits of social media and how it can be used to connect with others with similar interests
  • Dealing with her fears before her first meet up
  • Being inspired by Kate Adie 
  • Her role as the Chief Queen for the South Wales Group
  • Her dreams for 2023
  • Cycling in Bosnia 
  • Documenting the journey and speaking with ITV
  • Advice for planning events and challenges 
  • Fitness regime and doing what she loves
  • Getting into running during lockdown 
  • Reframing running to trotting 
  • Final words of advice - “think about what you want to do and if you don’t know what you want to do, try lots of different things”
  • The support from women in all women groups 
  • Think about what you want to do and give it ago


Social Media

Instagram @phillipacherryson 

Adventure Queens - Non-profit women’s adventure community 


Instagram: @adventurequeensuk

Facebook: @AdventureQueens 


The Adventure Queens Grant 



Jan 10, 2023

Katrina Megget is an ordinary woman who dared to believe she was more than she thought she was. After three years of listening to her self-doubt and the negative voice in her head that told her she wasn't good enough she finally set out to walk the 3,000km (1,864 mile) Te Araroa Trail down the length of New Zealand, her home country. 

A knee injury led to her having to pull out once she got to the South Island but she was determined to complete the trail so returned the next season. Unfortunately, covid lockdowns stopped her seven days from reaching the finish but by that point she had realised she didn’t need to walk the trail to prove she was enough. 

She is now writing a book on her experience on the trail, her battle with self-doubt and self-worth and dealing with an emotionally abusive relationship.

Katrina then spent three and a half months sailing around the coast of Great Britain with her new partner on a 28-foot boat. She had only a handful of days sailing experience, didn’t know the lingo, didn’t know if she would get seasick and had no idea if she would even enjoy it!

Katrina, who is from New Zealand but lives in the UK, works as a freelance journalist who speaks and writes on the power within all of us to empower others to believe in themselves so they can be the people they want to be.


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Show Notes

  • Who is Katrina
  • Originally from New Zealand but living in the UK for the past 16 years
  • Working as a health care journalist and writing adventure travel articles
  • Deciding to move to the UK after have her OE - “Overseas Experience” 
  • Being more academic focused rather than outdoorsy
  • Getting into the outdoors via her partner
  • Joining a mountaineering club in the UK
  • Her journey into the outdoors 
  • Pushing herself outside her comfort zone
  • Trying to climb 40 volcanoes before she turned 40
  • Where the idea came from and the reason why
  • Having 5 years to complete the challenge
  • Wanting to do something epic
  • Being fascinated by volcanoes 
  • Why things didn’t go according to plan
  • Making changes to the challenges
  • Climbing Mt. Vesuvius, Italy 
  • Your challenge - Your rules
  • Coming to understand her reason why
  • Dealing with chronic self doubt and not feeling good enough to do anything
  • Wanting to prove to herself that she as good enough 
  • Walking the length of New Zealand
  • Not being able to live up to her own expectations
  • Being a high achiever and a perfectionist 
  • Wanting to do adventure and why it does’t have to be epic
  • Adventure is something which is pushing you outside your comfort zone
  • Wanting to be in the growth zone
  • Having big dreams and ambitions 
  • Dealing with negative thoughts 
  • Why starting is the hardest thing
  • Making the decision to walk the length of NZ
  • Taking the first steps and the process involved 
  • Starting with research and guidebooks
  • Getting over her fear of kayaking 
  • Taking it one step at a time
  • Making the decision to commit and jumping into the unknown
  • Why the unknown doesn’t have to be scary
  • Keeping your mind open to new possibilities 
  • The start of the challenge
  • Dealing with doubts
  • Wanting to finish the journey 
  • Going back after taking a break
  • The mental and physical side of the challenge
  • Dealing with a knee injury and needing to adjust her plans
  • Learning about sailing and wanting to sail around GB
  • Communicating with your partner while on the boat
  • Day to day life on the boat
  • The route around Great Britain
  • How to connect with Katrina
  • Advice for dealing with self doubt


Social Media




Public Facebook page 

Twitter @katrinamegget 

Instagram @katrinamegget

Jan 3, 2023

Dr. Anu Taranath brings both passion and expertise to her work as a speaker, facilitator, author and educator. 

A University of Washington professor for the past 20+ years, she has also received the Seattle Weekly’s “Best of Seattle” recognition, the University's Distinguished Teaching Award, and multiple US Fulbright Fellowships to work abroad. 

As a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and racial equity consultant Dr. Anu offers coaching, training and facilitation services, and has partnered with over 300 clients from Amazon to the Raging Grannies. 

Her book "Beyond Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World" was named a finalist for several book awards including the Washington State Book Award and included in Oprah Magazine’s “Best 26 Travel Books of All Times.

Aun in her own words:

“As the daughter of immigrants who has grown up between two cultures, I often draw on my personal experience as a way to connect with and amplify the voices of those who have historically not been heard. As a scholar and academic, I also know that racial equity work is challenging, emotional, institutional, and personal. 

I’ve taught about global issues, race, gender, identity, and equity to thousands of students, presented at high-profile as well as more humble events, and collaborated with social change agents and innovative thinkers around the world. I partner with clients for the long haul and strive to build inclusivity and collaboration, inviting people into conversation.”


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Show Notes

  • Who is Dr. Anu
  • Being based in Seattle in the USA
  • Working as a professor for the University of Washington 
  • Is it possible to travel well in an unequal world?
  • Her job and roles
  • How do we deal with history in the present?
  • Her family and love for travel
  • Her experience of not feeling a sense of belonging
  • Introducing students to new places in the world
  • Finding yourself through travel
  • Her first solo travel experience through university
  • Spending 1.5 yrs in India
  • Figuring out who we should be
  • Following a very traditional academic road
  • Studying computer science, but not finding her passion
  • Not knowing what she wanted to do 
  • Finding passion in discussions on social issues
  • How do we travel and be aware of the inequities that structure our world
  • Book: "Beyond Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World”
  • How to navigate uncomfortable feelings 
  • Working in collaboration and community with many change makers
  • Travelling with privileges 
  • Wanting to use our privileges to help others 
  • Why our goal should be to travel mindfully
  • What is ethical travel?
  • Why ethics is never just a tickbox exercise 
  • Understanding my place in an unequal world
  • Going through the hard things to get to the other side
  • Getting more comfortable with my discomfort 
  • Feeling bad is not a strategy of social justice
  • Thinking and reflecting on travel and why it doesn’t feel like work
  • Feeling joyous and alive while engaging in tricky conversations 
  • The importance of different types of conversations 
  • Learning about the world and ourselves 
  • How to connect with Dr. Anu
  • Final words of advice and what Dr. Anu has learned from her travels
  • Feeling grateful for being part of the community of change makers around the world 


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