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The Tough Girl Podcast is all about inspiring and motivating YOU! I will be interviewing inspirational women from around the world, who’ve faced and overcome difficult challenges and situations, they will share their story, their knowledge and provide advice and essential tips for you to overcome your own personal challenges. Please check out the Tough Girl Challenges website - and follow on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL
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Oct 6, 2020
As a young woman from a Bangladeshi, Muslim family, Ruqsana struggled for years to balance her faith and culture with the fast, furious and brutal sport she fell in love with - even hiding her trophies. Now she's fighting to help other young Muslim women to find their own balance between fitness and faith.
Ruqsana's story is a tale of empowerment that will inspire anyone who has ever had to battle against the odds and against all the opposition to achieve their goal. 
With the reluctant blessing of her parents, she completed a long journey to the top, battling against prejudice, depression, panic attacks and ME. 
A role model to many, she was part of the Adidas Here to Create campaign and Karen Millen's #WomenWhoCan campaign.
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Show notes
  • Who Ruqsana is
  • Growing up watching Bruce Lee and being fascinated by the martial arts
  • Getting into kickboxing at 18 years old
  • Growing up in London in a muslim family
  • 36 years old and growing up in the 80s
  • Being restricted in what she could do 
  • Discovering kickboxing while at college
  • Studying Architecture at university
  • Training in a mixed gym
  • What she loved about going to the gym
  • Wearing a hijab to the gym
  • Having the conversation with her parents
  • Having an arranged marriage
  • Dealing with panic attacks and depression
  • Being suppressed in her marriage
  • Becoming numb and how sports changed her life
  • Discussing mental health issues
  • Having the support of her GP
  • Dealing with Chronic Fatigue and ME
  • Napping during the day
  • Starting to fight professionally in 2008
  • Going for the British Title!!
  • The Warrior Princess 
  • What it was like getting into the ring
  • Starting to master her own fears and emotions
  • Is she a born fighter…
  • Being supported by her parents
  • Religion and fighting
  • The legalities of wearing a hijab when competing 
  • Not being allowed to wear leggings
  • Designing a hijab for muslim women to wear while doing sports
  • Becoming the World Kick Boxing Champion!
  • Having nothing left in the 4th round 
  • Mental resilience and mental toughness
  • Making the transition from kickboxing to boxing in January 2018
  • Funding her lifestyle as a professional athlete
  • Writing her book - Born Fighter
  • Handling the negative people 
  • Why other peoples opinion of you don’t matter
  • Her dream to become a world champion in boxing
  • Wanting to inspire people 
  • Final words of advice for other women going through challenging times 
Social Media
Instagram @ruqsanabegum_mt 
Twitter @RuqsanaBegum
Oct 1, 2020
On 22nd February 2020, Welsh ice swimmer Cath Pendleton made history by becoming the first person to ever swim an Ice Mile inside the polar Antarctic circle. She swam in Hanusse Bay in latitude of 66:56 South.
Cath is a single mum to two gorgeous girls and doing exercise has always helped her to manage her mental health. Cath discovered her passion for winter/ice swimming in September 2015, since then Cath has tried to go swimming everyday and she refers to it as her "Reset Button”.
Cath’s dream is to complete the IISA Ice Sevens Challenge next year and is looking to get back into long distance swimming as-well. 
Cath is always up for an adventure and enjoys inspiring others to give new things a try. 
After listening to Cath, she will inspire you to give open water swimming a go!!
You can listen to Cath on the Tough Girl Podcast. New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am UK time - Make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out. 
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Show notes
  • Her passion for ice swimming
  • Growing up as a water baby
  • Being a natural in the water
  • Joining the Royal Air Force 
  • Starting triathlon in her 30s
  • Having her time to swim
  • Falling in love with open water swimming
  • Loving the freedom of swimming and being in the water
  • A winter swimming gala…
  • Having a bad back 
  • Deciding to ditch the wetsuit
  • Getting addicted to the buzz from open water swimming
  • How does ice swimming work…
  • Start in the spring and keep going
  • How long to stay in the water?
  • 1 minute per degree of water temperature - but it does depend on the person
  • Never swim alone and make sure you have a good warm up routine for afterwards
  • Becoming the first welsh woman to swim an ice mile
  • Struggling to find enough cold places to train in
  • Needing to have a good team around you
  • Not being able to have cold showers
  • Why ice swimming will be with her for life
  • Swimming in Antarctica 
  • Ice Sevens Challenge 
  • Doing a zero ice mile
  • Deciding to swim the English Channel
  • Having 18 months to train for the English Channel swim
  • Paying for the swimming challenges
  • Being followed by BBC Sports Wales
  • The challenges of swimming the English Channel
  • “Thank you, I’m having a nice day” 
  • Keep your head down and keep swimming
  • Positive self talk…
  • Always needing the next goal
  • Heading off to Antarctica for the big swimming challenge! 
  • Dealing with the pressure of the swim
  • Being the first swimmer 
  • Getting into the water
  • Dealing with cold water shock
  • Why the recovery is really hard on the body 
  • Dealing with the After Drop
  • Making sure you warm back up properly
  • Confidence and self belief
  • Getting to represent Team GB in Ice Swimming
  • Why you have to train
  • Follow along with Cath on Social Media
  • 4 more big swims to go!
  • Feeling frustrated about not being able to plan future challenges because of Covid
  • Building the swimming pool in the garden
  • Top tips for getting in the water
Social Media
Facebook:  @CathPendleton 
Instagram:  @swimcathswim 
Twitter: @swimcathswim
Sep 29, 2020
International human-rights advocate, Cara Elizabeth Yar Khan, deep in the throes of an aggressive, fatal muscle-wasting disease, ventures out on a daring, 12-day Grand Canyon descent and expedition – on horseback and in whitewater rafts. 
The journey into the Canyon mirrors Cara’s personal journey, as she and her team battle physical and mental adversities that threaten to kill, wound, or undo them without warning. But a journey that begins as a quest for representation and dramatic advocacy quickly becomes an exercise in survival. 
When Cara suffers a serious head injury one hour into the descent, the team and crew realize that her life, and theirs, hang on each step, each handhold, each group decision. 
Cara’s journey to live an extraordinary life and shatter stigma against people living with disabilities unexpectedly becomes a deep dive into fear, trust and vulnerability. As the entire expedition team grapples with unanticipated dangers in a truly remote wilderness, they also come face to face with their individual demons, insecurities, and internal conflicts. 
HER INESCAPABLE BRAVE MISSION is a story of fear, adrenaline, ambition, determination, hubris, courage, and perseverance against the odds. An emotional and transformational journey for anyone who has ever found themselves, inescapably, on the edge of a cliff.
Cara in her own words: - My life has been extraordinary, full of ups and downs. I’ve had enormous privilege and a fair share of adversity to overcome. I was born in India, November 20, 1976 to an Indian father and English mother. 
We immigrated to Canada where I grew up and completed my studies up to my undergraduate degree. Thanks to a lot of determination and hard work, I fulfilled my childhood dream to help vulnerable and marginalized children  by working with the Untied Nations.  
So far it’s been an exhilarating international career that has spanned 11 countries but not without enormous challenges.
At age 30 I was diagnosed with a rare muscle wasting disease that leads to quadriplegia: Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy (HIBM). It was frightening news because I did not have any experience with disability or chronic illness. But the journey has been powerful. 
I now live proudly as a woman with a disability, and advocate against stigma and discrimination to break as many glass ceilings as possible.
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*Please be aware suicide in mentioned during this episode (we do not got into any details) but it is talked about.
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Show notes
  • Who is Cara
  • Being born in South India to an Indian Father and a British Mother 
  • Moving to Canada as a baby
  • Figuring out what she wanted to do when she was 6 years old
  • Wanting to help children
  • Wanting to work for the United Nations
  • Growing up shy
  • Getting through major life challenges
  • Losing her mother at 17 years old
  • Having amazing role models in her life
  • Correlation between confidence and performance 
  • Doing her Masters after 10 years of working
  • Winning an international competition with the UN to do a paid internship
  • Being poached by the private sector
  • Having a life shift in her career
  • Being diagnosed with HIBM - Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathies
  • The impact on her life and career
  • Moving to the USA at the end of 2013
  • Wanting to have a grand adventure in America
  • 2014 - 2018 - the planning and preparation
  • Learning how to ride a horse
  • The challenges of the descent into the Grand Canyon
  • Making a movie/documentary film
  • Finding out she was scared of heights
  • Dealing with a head injury on the descent down
  • Lessons learned from the challenge
  • Why you will surprise yourself
  • Final words of advice
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Twitter @carayarkhan 
Instagram @cara_yarkhan  
Facebook @cara.e.khan 
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Sep 24, 2020
Ashly Winchester an avid ultra-runner, backpacker, rock climber, and mountaineer. She also loves chasing FKT's (Fastest Known Times) and revels in immersing herself in solo, unsupported records in the wilderness. 
Ashly created and began hosting the podcast, Womxn Of The Wild, in December 2019 with the aim to inspire, educate, and empower women in the outdoors. 
Ashly in her own words:
“As I developed my skills and proficiency in the outdoors, I started meeting and connecting with a ton of really amazing ladies. I realized that I wanted to help bring more women into this world of adventure. I don’t care what anybody says, we belong out there. I want women of all shapes and colors and abilities and ages to understand that you can do these things too, and it’s never too late to start.”
New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am UK time - Make sure you hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out. 
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Show notes
  • Who is Ashly
  • Quitting her job
  • Deciding to make big changes in her life
  • Becoming a freelance writer
  • Being in an abusive marriage
  • Being deep in depression and not knowing what to do with her life
  • Going backpacking with a friend
  • Her love of being in the wilderness 
  • Making a living from freelance writing
  • The financial struggles of writing 
  • Living a nomadic lifestyle
  • Getting into Fastest Known Times (FKT's)
  • Getting to explore different areas
  • Getting into running
  • Running further and further distances
  • Training solo
  • Evidence for FKT’s
  • Training for FKT’s
  • Running 74 miles through the desert
  • Race tactics and strategy
  • Dealing with periods while running
  • Using 2 cups
  • What’s going on mentally
  • Wild animals…
  • Using FKT’s as training runs
  • Womxn of the Wild - community and podcast
  • Why the X in Womxn
  • Learning about the challenges of podcasting
  • Focusing on quality content
  • Final words and top tips and advice for you
Social Media
Website - 
Womxn of the Wild Podcast - aims to highlight the badass women who explore, adventure, and crush in the outdoors. 
Facebook @womxnofthewild
Sep 22, 2020
Vedangi Kulkarni recently became the youngest woman to have circumnavigated the world on bicycle. It took her 160 days to pedal 29000km, across 14 countries. She was 19 when she started, and 20 when she finished, celebrating her 20th birthday around the halfway point in Canada. Most of her journey was solo and unsupported.
Vedangi in her own words:
My childhood was a lot about my parents and I travelling out and about through every summer/winter break. I used to write poems and short stories. My father encouraged me to explore the outdoors- mountains and sea, from his own travel experiences. From tying a rope between the safety door and gymnastic rod, experimenting with valley crossing in our own house to creating an Everest out of the high end of a wall, and mountains in the vicinity, my father has been a rockstar in my adventurous upbringing. 
Of course, my school played a major role too. Although I didn’t have many friends as a kid, I definitely had an outdoorsy spirit and schools’s extra-curricular activities made sure that I spent more time with the like-minded, doing things that I really loved.
But when, as a 17 year old, I decided to cycle across the Himalayan passes, my perspective towards the world really changed. It was truly exciting, and I felt the most confident when putting myself through tough situations or getting better at pushing my previous limits. The harder it got, the better I felt, and the better I felt, the more I wanted to push myself further into any challenge. 
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Show notes
  • How her journey into cycling and adventure started
  • Moving to the UK at 18
  • Finding it hard to make friends
  • Being inspired by Juliana Buhring  
  • Deciding to cycle around the world
  • How the adventures went wrong
  • Planning expeditions for others
  • Her passion for the outdoors and getting inspired by her father
  • Being inspired to dream bigger
  • Cycling 800 km across the Himalayas at 17
  • Falling in love with the outdoors
  • Female role models growing up
  • Wanting to become text book worthy
  • Getting exposed to bike packing in the UK
  • The planing and preparation for her round the world cycle ride
  • Wanting to film the expedition
  • The biggest issue with getting visa’s
  • Having to start in Australia due to visa issues
  • Pausing university
  • Canada and the grizzly bear
  • The end of her record challenge for time in Spain
  • Dealing with concussion 
  • Losing her confidence
  • Getting her performance back 
  • What’s happening with the film/documentary
  • Thinking about cycling around the world again…
  • Launching an adventure planning crash course
  • Wanting to make adventure accessible
  • Starting a youtube channel
  • Final words of advice and top tips
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Adventure Planning Crash Course - 
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Instagram @wheelsandwords
Facebook @wheelsandwords 
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Sep 17, 2020
Rosaria “Rosie” Barreto, also known as the Vitality Coach, helps women and seniors live happier and healthier through the power of exercise! With a background in clinical exercise, she is on a mission to change the mindset from 'exercise is for active individuals' to 'exercise is also for people who struggle to move due to clinical health limitations’.
Rosie runs the Vitality Hub which is a health and fitness movement encouraging people who find exercise difficult to move more, eat well and feel amazing.
You can listen to Rosie on the Tough Girl Podcast - new episodes are every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am UK time, make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out.
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Show notes
  • Running a health and wellbeing business
  • Working with women and older adults
  • Running a Youtube Channel 
  • Being the eldest of 9 children
  • Being a role model and encouraging others to get involved in sports
  • Wanting to work in health and wellness
  • Growing up active
  • Hating school and academics
  • Deciding what to do next 
  • Her role models when growing up 
  • Wanting to be a personal trainer and be self employed
  • Developing her business plan 
  • Trying new things and failing
  • Dealing with personal challenges at university
  • July 2018 finding her niche in health and wellbeing
  • Moving to Kent
  • £50 p/h —->> £8 p/h
  • Building the business up
  • Needing to cover running costs
  • Taking a part time job
  • Dealing with the stresses of making a difficult decision
  • Dealing with Covid-19
  • Moving the business online 
  • The reality of being self employed during 2020
  • Figuring out new technology
  • Movement is medicine
  • Helping patients
  • Wanting to encourage more people to exercise 
  • Helping people to move more
  • Talking to your friends and family
  • The power of group exercise 
  • Dealing with the problems of social isolation 
  • Starting a new project for virtual services for older adults
  • Why movement is about  having fun 
  • 50 challenges in 2020
  • Final words of advice to motivate and inspire you
Social Media
Website -
Facebook @VitalityHubUK 
Instagram @the_vitalitycoach
Sep 15, 2020
Darcy Gaechter is the first and only woman to kayak the Amazon River from source to sea. She has been whitewater kayaking for twenty-one years and, for the past fifteen years, she has been considered one of the world’s best female kayakers and one of the most accomplished expedition kayakers. 
Darcy has won whitewater kayaking races throughout the world, and has participated in and led kayaking expeditions in eighteen different countries. In addition, she has been a kayak, raft and adventure travel guide for two decades and has owned and operated two kayak guiding businesses. She currently spends half the year in Ecuador running Small World Adventures and showing kayakers down some of her favourite rivers in the world. 
Darcy has long been a groundbreaker of women pushing the limits in both kayaking and other outdoor pursuits. 
Leading by example of what women can accomplish in a predominately male sport, she has inspired other women athletes to push themselves to achieve extraordinary things.
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Show notes
  • Who is Darcy
  • What life was like growing up
  • Growing up in the mountains and spending time outdoors
  • Wanting to follow in her dad’s footsteps
  • Changing the direction of her life
  • Going to Nepal at 19 years old
  • Exploring parts that other tourists don’t get to see
  • Wanting to get better at kayaking
  • Figuring out the combat role
  • Deciding to go kayaking in Ecuador
  • Saying yes to opportunity
  • Meeting the people that would change her life
  • Female role models in kayaking
  • Saying yes to a job in Ecuador
  • How the idea came about to kayak the Amazon River
  • Stats  - 4,300 miles done over 148 days
  • Having the adventure fully funded
  • Figuring out the logistics for this challenge
  • Dealing with naysayers
  • Balancing the risks
  • Getting mad and getting determined
  • Being the only woman on the team
  • Cutting off all her hair
  • Magical moments - Day 135
  • What a typical day was like out on the river
  • Dealing with sand flies
  • Paddling for 8 - 10 hours per day
  • The perfect last adventure
  • When will they settle down?
  • Getting to the end point and what it was like
  • Coming up with new goals
  • The book of legends in Siberia
  • The motivation for writing the book
  • To film or not to film
  • What happened after the adventure
  • Final words of advice 
Social Media
Small World Adventures
Sep 10, 2020
Black Girls Hike (BGH) is a safe space for black women to enjoy the outdoors and be themselves without feeling judged or misunderstood.  It's is about removing barriers and challenging stereotypes and reinforcing the message that the outdoors is for everyone.
In Rhiane’s words:
Created in 2019, Black Girls Hike UK is an organisation that offers a safe space for black women to explore the outdoors. We know that the outdoors is great for mental and physical health but it’s not very inclusive. 
For many black women, getting outdoors can feel intimidating especially when you don’t see people you identify with. 
That’s why BGH was created; to empower black women to feel comfortable outdoors and create a community and sisterhood. 
We believe representation matters and aim to diversify all aspects of the outdoors.
New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am UK time - Make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out. 
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Show notes
  • Who is Rhiane
  • Feeling the pressure of going to university
  • Going to Open University 
  • Struggling to know what to do
  • Wanting to work in international development
  • What childhood was like
  • Being in every sports team
  • Starting to play rounders again
  • Getting into walking in 2019
  • Taking the first step into hiking
  • Setting up an Instagram account for Black Girls Hike 
  • The 5 best walks around Manchester 
  • Not knowing what she was doing
  • The support of family and friends 
  • Her love for getting outdoors
  • How Black Girls Hike has evolved
  • Having a Midlands and London BGH group
  • Having over 100 people attending a walk
  • Being overwhelmed by the numbers 
  • The lack of Black women role models in hiking
  • Balancing a full time job with building the BGH community
  • The dream for BGH and becoming a non profit
  • Training up the regional leaders in Low Land Leader Qualifications
  • Favourite walks
  • Black Girls Hike - Snowdon Challenge!
  • Tales of a hiker
  • Doing an instameet up with @beckythetraveller 
  • Dream hikes….
  • Helping to build confidence in other women who come hiking
  • Being nominated for a National Diversity Award
  • Fundraising Black Girls Hike Healing Retreat
  • Dealing with racism all the time
  • Forest bathing, grounding and hugging trees
  • Quick Fire Questions
  • Final words of advice - “start small and start local”
Social Media
Black Girls Hike
Instagram @bgh_uk
Twitter @UkBgh 
Go Fund Me Black Girls Hike Healing Retreats 
Tales Of A Hiker - Where adventure enthusiasts share their stories
Website - 
Facebook @talesofahiker
Instagram @talesofahiker
Sep 8, 2020
In 2009, after a crippling divorce that left her heartbroken and directionless, Kristin decided to accept an offer to live at a friend's cabin outside of Denali National Park in Alaska for a few months.  In exchange for housing, she would take care of her friend's eight sled dogs. 
That winter, she learned that she was tougher than she ever knew. She learned how to survive in one of the most remote places on earth and she learned she was strong enough to be alone.  She fell in love twice: first with running sled dogs, and then with Andy, a gentle man who had himself moved to Alaska to heal a broken heart.  

Kristin and Andy married and started a sled dog kennel.  While this work was enormously satisfying, Kristin became determined to complete the Iditarod -- the 1,000-mile dogsled race from Anchorage, in south central Alaska, to Nome on the western Bering Sea coast.
On her blog at, she writes:
“What our hands do these days is shape the dream of our childhoods. There it thrived in two different kids, and as we grew up and in turn grew older, even when our attentions turned to other things, the dream waited there patiently. Whether or not we knew the kind of purchase that dream held in our insides did not matter, because we both ended up following it. The drive of it, the excitement it held, the pure and simple promise in it – all those things were impossible to ignore. Very much the same fear in each of our hearts cast a net toward something familiar and we ignored it, facing instead north and driving away, away. Something in us must have known all along how that dream would be nurtured by Alaska, even if we could never have known the rare kind of love we would find in one another here. And to see that clearing in the woods now, the footprint of our home in the wilderness made by our four hands…The dogs are the only ones who can perfectly describe what that reward feels like - they being incapable of speech and capable of the purest joy, manifested in leaps and snorts and rolls and howls. It is the filling in my heart.”
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Show notes
  • Growing up in Texas
  • Ending up in Alaska in 2009
  • Accepting an internship in Alaska
  • Dealing with heartbreak
  • Being in the wilderness in Alaska
  • Driving from Montana to Alaska
  • Arriving at the remote cabin
  • A new beginning
  • Getting through the first winter
  • Moose & Maximus
  • Becoming a dog musher
  • Her first 1,000 miles race in 2015
  • The joy of travelling with dogs
  • Dealing with the freezing cold
  • The Yukon Quest
  • Running with a team of 14 dogs
  • Not wanting to finish the race
  • What the Quest taught her
  • Meeting Andy for the first time
  • Surviving in Alaska
  • Needing to take a break from the lifestyle
  • Being a woman in dog sledding
  • Being supported and encouraged
  • What makes a good dog driver?
  • Calm and assertive 
  • Writing the book 
Social Media
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THIS MUCH COUNTRY: A Memoir (Grand Central Publishing; March 10, 2020) is about the love between a woman and her dogs, which intensifies with every rollicking adventure and mishap, from mushing under the northern lights to literally running smack into a 2,000-pound wood bison with a dog team. 
It is a story about starting from scratch, stripping away all but necessity and living by animal instincts to find life’s richness. From the first time Kristin hooks up a dog team to the moment she roars across the finish line of the Iditarod, readers witness the chaos of starting over in the din of barking, lunging dogs and the peaceful resolution of 15 dogs moving in unison as the Kristin comes to her own realizations about what it means to be wildly singular.
Sep 3, 2020
Dr. Tekemia Dorsey is the CEO of the International Association of Black Triathletes, and Owner of IABT MultiSport Racing. Dr. Dorsey is the founder of the 2018 “Youth & Junior TRI-Conference®/EXPO*Event!” 
Dr. Dorsey received her Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix and Masters of Education in Guidance & Counseling from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. 
Using her leadership principles and core pillars, Dr. Dorsey has become an established, best-selling and awarding winner author and business professional, keynote speaker, facilitator/workshop presenter, curriculum specialist, publisher, professor, entrepreneur, radio show host, executive leadership trainer/coach, community activist, athlete and Child of God. 
She is a well-rounded athlete as a runner (marathoner), duathlete, triathlete, and an IRONMAN.
New episodes of the Tough Girl Podcast go live every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am UK time! Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out!
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Show notes
  • Who is Tekemia
  • Getting into sports 
  • Playing softball at college
  • Getting into running
  • Running her first race
  • Falling in love with running
  • Inspiring people with her running
  • Making the transition into triathlon in 2013
  • Starting with a Duathalon - run - bike - run
  • Doing her first Ironman - Ironman Eagleman
  • Learning how to swim
  • Why she does challenges
  • Why quitting has never been an option
  • Applying lessons from her life to doing the Ironman
  • Creating SMART goals and achieving them
  • Being her own worst enemy
  • “Failure is not an option”
  • Being raised by her grandmother
  • Starting the IABT - International Association of Black Triathletes
  • The vision and the goals for IABT
  • Being new to the multi-sport industry
  • Figuring out her niche
  • Getting her children involved in triathlon
  • Having a focus on youth
  • Getting to understand the industry more
  • Creating a guaranteed pathway to college through triathlon
  • Creating opportunities for youth
  • Dealing with set backs and stress
  • Being a single mum 
  • Changing the narrative
  • What a typical week looks like
  • Launching a new initiative   
Social Media
IABT/IABT MultiSport Racing - Mission is to develop athletic talent and the whole Child, living in urban communities through the Multi-sport Industry.
Website -
Facebook - @IABTriathletes
Instagram - @iabtriathletes 
Sep 1, 2020
Carla in her own words:
I am an elite ultra runner, running coach and adventurer who seeks out events that are slightly harder than the average. I love pushing my body to the limits by running a long way, up mountains, around islands and recently running the length of Great Britain from Land’s End to John O’Groats and setting a new ladies World Record along the way. It’s safe to say that I have caught the ‘micro-adventure’ and exploration bug.
I have represented Great Britain at the 100km World Championships and I currently compete for Team Massmart, an elite woman’s running team based in South Africa. 
With my experience in sport from grass roots to elite level, my degree in Science in Health, Exercise and Sport, UK Athletics Coaching, Personal Training and Sports Massage qualifications I love to work with aspiring runners and athletes to get the best out of themselves and push their boundaries!
I am happiest when on the trails carrying out my own adventure be that running around Mont Blanc or running the length of Great Britain. There is something magical about planning your own journey and going on an adventure.
During this episode Carla shares more about her passion for running, and goes into detail about the training, planning and preparation for her most recent challenge running the length of Great Britain from Land’s End to John O’Groats which she did in a record breaking time of 12 days, 30 mins and 14 seconds.
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Show notes
  • Reflecting back on her childhood and growing up sporty
  • Her passion for running
  • Getting into adventure in her lat 20s
  • Wanting to do an ultra marathon
  • Combining running with mountains
  • Not knowing many people in the ultra running world
  • Being inspired by Mimi Anderson
  • Making a change from an office job to a running coach
  • Wanting to run from Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG)
  • Getting the full support team together in April 2020
  • Deciding to go for it in 2020
  • Making a list of everything she needed
  • 3 months of planning and preparation 
  • Funding the challenge via sponsorship and crowd funding
  • Having a stress fracture in April 2019
  • Physical training and preparation 
  • Mental preparation
  • Accepting that it was going to be difficult and hurt
  • Being concerned about injury
  • Getting to the start line
  • Managing stress
  • Having to run 70 miles per day
  • Food and nutrition during the run
  • Making sure to eat something every 30 mins
  • Bodily functions - Poo & periods!
  • Why sleeping was so painful
  • Not wanting to get out of the bed in the morning
  • The magical moment on the run (not the finish!)
  • Struggling to run at the end and dealing with injury
  • Lessons learned from the run and why you can do so much more than you think you can
  • Future dreams and ambitions…
  • Running around Great Britain?!
  • Final words of advice to encourage you to take up running
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Strava -
Aug 27, 2020
Lauren is a single mom with a propensity for adventures, travel, and nature. Lauren works as a travel writer and social media influencer who is passionate about inspiring black women to step out of their comfort zones to have experiences in travel and adventure, to use nature as healing and therapy, and to embrace outdoor recreation.
Lauren in her own words:
I don’t believe we were put on this earth just to exist. We are here to learn as much as we can and leave our imprints as we go. People have always been encouraged and even surprised at the things I’ve been able to expose my son to. Especially, because as a black single mother, exposing my son to things like hiking, snorkeling, and camping are seen as out of the ordinary in our community.
I decided that a life this blessed deserved to be shared. If I inspire anyone at all to pursue a dream, to step out of their norm, and to really take time to appreciate the beauty of the world we live in then it will all be worth it. Being the “Outdoorsy” type doesn’t mean you wear cammo or that you’re any less feminine. And being feminine and liking designer purses doesn’t mean you can’t connect with nature, even if you make a fool of yourself in the process. If this girl can get in touch with her outdoorsy side then so can you!
Life is about creating moments and I look forward to sharing my moments with all of you. Adventure is a lifestyle!
“It’s only the great outdoors….what are you afraid of?” 
Listen to Lauren as she shares more on the Tough Girl Podcast. New episodes go live every Tuesday at 7am UK time! 
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Show notes
  • Not growing up in the outdoors
  • Her first experience of the outdoors
  • Going to explore waterfalls
  • Making the transition from being a novice in the outdoors
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Meeting people who were outdoorsy
  • Figuring it out for herself
  • Being intentional about adventure
  • Nature as therapy
  • Seeking peace in the outdoors
  • Starting the blog - 
  • Being a girly girl
  • Doing adventures with her son
  • Being afraid of the outdoors
  • Car camping…
  • Camping solo
  • Magical moments while travelling
  • Dealing with asthma
  • Tips for travelling solo 
  • Starting the Outdoorsy Diva Podcast
  • Next season of the podcast
  • Bucket list 
  • Final words of advice
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Facebook @theoutdoorsydiva
Aug 25, 2020
Alex in her own words: 
I had my first taste of climbing mountains in March 2012 when I made a solo three-week trek in the Nepal Himalayas. The experience was life changing and inspired me to reach even greater heights by setting one of the biggest goals of my life so far – to climb the 7 summits.
I tackled the first of the 7 summits on 9 June 2014 as a very proud member of the first team to summit Russia’s Mt. Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe, from the difficult north side in pre-season.
Less than six weeks later, on the 17th of July, I successfully climbed Mont Blanc solo, without a guide, team or support. I summited at 6.45am, reaching the top in just over four hours. 
I have also successfully summited Kilimanjaro in September, second of my 7summits. 
On the 6th of December 2014, I stood on the top of the highest point of Antarctica, Mt Vinson. 
After months of hard training and preparation I summited one of the most difficult one; North America’s highest peak Denali in June 2015. 
Continuing my 100% summit success, I climbed Aconcagua in South America on the 2nd of January 2016, the highest mountain in the world outside the Himalayas and stood on the top of Oceania's highest point, Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia on the 19th of March 2017.
To keep pushing my boundaries, I successfully climbed the Matterhorn in August 2017 without acclimatisation. After a 6-months focused training I scaled Mt Everest, the highest mountain in the world on the 18th of May 2018. 
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Show notes
  • Growing up in Hungary
  • Coming from a sporty family
  • Moving to the UK 14 years ago
  • Building a career in marketing
  • Deciding to make a change in her life
  • Quitting her job in 2012 with no plans
  • Travelling to Nepal
  • Falling in love with the mountains
  • Making the decision to climb the 7 summits
  • Overcoming her fear of heights
  • Heading off to climb Mt. Elbrus 
  • Putting a plan in place to climb the 7 summits
  • Practical steps of making it happen
  • Writing everything down
  • Focusing on safety
  • Working with local guides and companies
  • Funding and paying for the 7 summits
  • Taking out a loan and maxing out credit cards
  • Feeling exhausted from the challenge
  • Reflecting back on the different mountains 
  • Doing more research and asking more questions
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people
  • Feeling ready to take on the mountains
  • Not telling many people at the start
  • Why climbing Mt. Aconcagua was so hard
  • Struggling with injury 2 weeks before the start
  • Turning the negatives into positives
  • Leaving for the summit…
  • Dealing with adventure blues
  • Challenges and adventures after Mt Everest
  • Her passion for mountain biking 
  • Thinking about the next challenge
  • The impact of Covid 
  • Follow along with the adventures
  • Final words of advice and why you should just go for it.
Social Media
Instagram @alex7summits
Aug 20, 2020
Fighting Chance is written by Alicia Doyle, an award-winning journalist who discovered boxing at age twenty-eight in the late 1990s when she went on assignment at a boxing gym for at-risk youth called Kid Gloves. 
For two years, she simultaneously worked as a newspaper reporter while training and competing as a boxer, making her one of only a few hundred women in America who infiltrated this male-dominated sport. 
During her boxing career, she won two Golden Gloves championship titles and earned three wins by knockout – and her pro debut at age thirty in the year 2000 was named The California Female Fight of the Year. Fighting Chance offers an inside look at what’s considered the toughest sport known to man.
*Trigger Warning - abuse & domestic violence is mentioned during this episode.
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Show notes
  • Who is Alicia
  • Not being sporty growing up
  • Discovering boxing at 28
  • Not respecting boxing 
  • Working as a journalist
  • Breaking up with an abusive partner
  • Learning new skills in boxing
  • Feeling intimidated at the gym
  • Being the only female doing boxing
  • Earning respect
  • Not wanting to step into the ring and fight
  • Women being allowed to box in the Olympics 2012
  • Being a pioneer in the sport
  • Fighting for equality
  • Being changed from the inside out
  • How boxing changed other areas of her life
  • Being terrified and scared
  • Managing fear
  • Being in the moment
  • Being brutally honest and facing pain
  • Managing emotions 
  • The power of visualisation 
  • Training while working a full time job
  • The benefits of skipping
  • Moving from amateur to pro boxing
  • How boxing has changed over the past 30 years
  • The support and encouragement from men
  • Deciding to write the book 
  • Being afraid of being vulnerable
  • Wanting to help other women by sharing her story 
  • Why you should give boxing ago
  • The stronger your body - the stronger your mind
  • Building confidence through your body
  • The movie!
  • Who will play Alicia in the movie?
Social Media
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Facebook @fightingchanceauthor
Twitter @aliciakdoyle
Aug 18, 2020
Lipa was formally a semi-professional footballer and now she's a grassroots coach and sports activist. Lipa's passion for football is constantly growing and led her to coin her catchphrase “I’m going to change the world with a hijab on my head and a ball at my feet.” 
Lipa wants to be the change, and will continue to challenge herself and engage with minority communities; by doing so her catchphrase will become a reality.
Lipa is a co-founder of the podcast called ‘I Think She’s Offside’ where she and co-host Fadumo Olow talk about all things woman’s sports. The podcast aims to stay connected to the local community, discussing The FA’s Women Super League with some BPL. Lipa and Fadumo came up with the podcast to give underrepresented individuals a voice.
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Show notes
  • What Lipa does
  • Here passions for sports
  • Playing semi-professional sports
  • Being a little feminist 
  • Having a supportive family
  • Challenging the PE teachers to make sure she could play football
  • Being encouraged to do a trial for a local football team
  • Becoming part of a team
  • Training 3x a week
  • Progressing to the first team
  • Gaining new confidence
  • Making decisions boldly
  • Starting to hate football
  • Deciding to go to university and choosing her course..
  • "I’m going to change the world with a hijab on my head, and a ball at my feet.”
  • Striving for more
  • The lack of women across all levels of sport
  • Being pushed beyond her comfort zone
  • Supportive men
  • Feeling fed up about the lack of change
  • Becoming a coach 
  • The challenging of working with children
  • Getting more girls involved in football from a young age
  • Starting 'I Think She's Offside' Podcast
  • Making change happen
  • Being proactive
  • Being self employed while doing a rebrand for the podcast
  • Being an Ambassador for the Youth Sport Trust
  • Being at the Women’s World Cup in France 2019
  • Final words of advice for you
Social Media
Aug 13, 2020
Ailsa, 39, is an ultra endurance athlete who has a passion for long distances races and triathlons! Ailsa holds six course records and two overall wins at the ultra-running distance. In 2017 she won the 50K and 100 mile Canadian National Champion title. In 2018 she won Ironman Canada. As well as training for her races, Ailsa also balances a full time job in an oil field in Northern Alberta. 
During this podcast Ailsa shares more about her passion for running, how she got into cycling and swimming, how she coaches and trains herself, as well as sharing more about mental resilience and how she has developed her mindset over the years.
Listen to Ailsa as she shares her story on the Tough Girl Podcast. New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am UK time - Make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out. 
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Show notes
  • Ailsa in her own words
  • Spending her summers in Scotland
  • Living in Canada
  • Getting into running and cycling
  • Training for her first marathon 
  • Building up her swim fitness
  • Finding a talent for endurance events
  • Her love for running and keeping fit
  • Being her own coach
  • Working in the oil fields
  • 10 days on - 10 days off
  • The mental side of races
  • Strategy for 100 miles races
  • Hitting mental lows and going into a downward spiral
  • Hitting a low point around the 80K mark
  • Doing her first 100 mile race
  • Using neurofeedback  to help with race preparation
  • Dealing with solitude while running
  • Thinking while running
  • Tips to maintaining positivity while running
  • Western States 100 miler and the mistakes she made
  • Dealing with the pressure of performance
  • Not wanting to let people down
  • Learning from her mistakes
  • Suffering
  • Ironman Canada 2018
  • Being a competitive person
  • Final words of advice.
Social Media
Instagram @ailsamacdonaldrunner
Aug 11, 2020
Nicole purchased Girls Fight Back in 2020 because of her passion for empowering women and helping others. She is dedicated to bringing the message of living a fearless life and combating violence to millions of young women across the country. 
Nicole received a full scholarship to Cal State Long Beach as a President’s Scholar, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Speech Communication.  Her self-defense training includes IMPACT LA (where she is also a lead instructor), Defense Against the Armed Assailant training, FAST defense & the GFB Speaker Academy.  
Nicole is an NACP Credentialed Advocate and currently sits on the board of IMPACT Personal Safety.  Nicole was featured in a self-defense instructional video by Tastemade Travel that won a People’s Voice Webby Award in May 2020 and she is the creator of Outdoor Defense, an IGTV series that aims to help people stay safe while enjoying the outdoors.  
She is a collaborative partner with Difference Makers (10 Strong) and has traveled the world speaking and facilitating workshops at military installations, colleges, high schools, corporations, and private groups.  In 2017 she volunteered in Fiji to teach self-defense to the women and girls in local villages.  
On her spare time, Nicole loves to hike, camp, horseback ride, play sports and travel the world; often on her own and is an active volunteer in her community.
Show notes
  • What Nicole does
  • Family
  • Travelling solo for the first time
  • Learning self defence 
  • Wanting to be prepared 
  • Getting involved in a social justice group
  • Girls Fight Back
  • Becoming the CEO of Girls Fight Back
  • Practical tips and advice
  • Trusting your intuition 
  • The Gift of Fear - By Gavin de Becker
  • Working in Fiji 
  • The power of education
  • Black Girls Trekking
  • Dealing with fears for new hikers hiking for the first time
  • Doing a land acknowledgement
  • Hiking in New Zealand
  • Why hiking is meditative 
  • The restorative power of nature
  • Dealing with Covid
  • Taking the Girls Fight Back program online
  • Becoming an urban hiker
  • Tips and advice for new hikers
  • Doing preparation for your hike
  • You are powerful - You are a force
  • Plans for the future of Girls Fight Back
  • Dreaming big
Social Media
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Twitter @girlsfightback
Aug 7, 2020
On the 5th Year Anniversary of the Tough Girl Podcast I’ve taken this as an opportunity to share more about what’s been going on over the past 12 months and sharing more about what’s been happening behind the scenes and answering questions from the patrons and members of the tough girl tribe community. 
If you would like to listen to other solo episodes these can be found here:
2016 - Reflections for 2016 & Plans for 2017 (Released 30th December 2016)
2017 - Reflecting on 2017 and the plans for 2018 (Released 30th Dec 2017)
2018 - Reflections on 2018 and the start of 2019. Plus plans for Tough Girl Challenges. (Released 4th August 2019)
Marathon des Sables - Sarah Williams - psychological demands and overcoming mental challenges, being interviewed by Ali Mahoney-Johnson (6th October 2016)
Boxing - Sarah Williams - answering all your questions about Boxing! (Released 8th December 2018)
Appalachian Trail - Sarah Williams - Thru hiking the Appalachian Trail (2,190 miles) in 100 days! (Released 19th September 2017)
Pacific Coast Highway - Sarah Williams - Planning and Preparation for the Pacific Coast Highway & the Baja Divide! (4th September 2018)
Pacific Coast Highway - Sarah Williams - Cycling the Pacific Coast Highway & the Baja Divide! (Released 24th December 2018)
New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am UK time - Make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out. 
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Show notes
  • Who I am and what I do 
  • A brief history of my background
  • The start of Tough Girl Challenges in 2014
  • Personal challenges
  • The mission of the tough girl podcast
  • Why I started the Tough Girl Podcast
  • Starting on the 4th August 2015
  • The lack of female role models
  • Not wanting to complain about it
  • Finding guests
  • Doing batch interviewing
  • Reflecting back over the past year
  • August 2019 onwards
  • Not having any plans in 2019
  • Pre-loading podcast content until the end of November
  • Keeping my options open
  • Working with Cicerone 
  • Walking the Camino Portuguese
  • Speaking with Kat Davies about walking the Lycian Way, Turkey
  • Starting 2020 in Australia 
  • The first 6 months of the year
  • The challenges of adventuring with somewhere else
  • Getting the balance right
  • Using the world Harmony 
  • Don’t compare yourself to other people
  • Doing long solo trips and loneliness
  • Training and working with a personal trainer
  • Luxury Items….
  • Having doubts on the Overland Track
  • Inspiration….
  • What would I do differently
  • What I’ve learned about myself
  • Being patience and enjoying the journey 
  • Numbers from the podcast and Social Media!
  • Hitting 1 Million downloads in December 2019
  • 50,000 listens in 1 month….
  • What is next…
  • What 2020 was going to be..
  • 10 year plan…
  • Being at home 
  • Wanting to be the most productive person I could be…
  • Getting out of good habits
  • Final 6 month of the year
  • Not wanting to waste this time
  • Needing a goal to work towards for the end of the year
  • Focus on podcasting, health and building strength
  • THANK YOU to YOU!!
  • Getting closer to hitting 300 patrons - currently at 288 Patrons strong!!! 
  • Being worried about Covid and it’s impact
  • Focusing on what I can control 
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Aug 6, 2020
Mya-Rose in her own words:
“I love birds and wildlife & am a naturalist, conservationist and environmentalist wanting to save our planet and everything on it. I believe that we have to do everything we can to save the environment from damage and I want to try and persuade as many people about that as possible, especially those in power. 
Birding in different countries has given me the opportunity to see the damage being inflicted on places and the indigenous peoples who live in them, by our consumerism in the Global North. I believe that climate activism must demand global climate justice which is not happening at the moment.
I am an anti-racism activist, writer, speaker, journalism and broadcaster. I have had over four and a half million views on my blog, from around the world. 
I am also an anti-racism activist and campaigner, fighting for Visible Minority (VME) Ethnic people to have equal access to nature and wildlife films. I also fight for the rights of indigenous peoples especially against the conservation movement.”
Show notes
  • How she got the name “Bird Girl”
  • Her passion for birding
  • What twitching is
  • How does bird watching work?
  • Being a competitive bird watcher when she was younger
  • Seeing over half the world birds!
  • Her favourite place to birdwatch 
  • A favourite bird….
  • Birding in Brazil
  • Female role models in birding
  • Being inspired by - Phoebe Snetsinger 
  • Liking birding in a non scientific way
  • Wanting to study Politics and International Relations at University
  • Her passion for the environment and life as an activist
  • Black to Nature
  • Being involved in campaigns 
  • Dealing with the pressure of an online presence
  • Starting a conversation about race 
  • Being an Ambassador for Bristol 2015 focusing on green issues
  • Maintaining momentum
  • Planning….
  • Learning new skills
  • Advice and tips for people who want to get into activism
  • Why you do have a voice 
  • The power of talking about what you care about
  • Making sure not to burn yourself out
  • ‘C’ Licence - what is it?
  • Birdwatching in the UK
  • Advocating for trees and why they are so important
  • Plans for the future
  • Gaining in confidence
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Final words of advice 
Social Media
Website -
Facebook - @myarosebirdgirlcraig
Instagram @BirdgirlUK
Twitter @BirdgirlUK
Aug 4, 2020
Saray is the first black African woman to ski to the South Pole and summit Mt Everest 66 years after the mountain was first summited in 1953.  
Saray is an award-winning mountaineer and a business executive with over 18 years’ experience in industry leading blue-chip companies which drive innovation and change both locally and internationally. 
Through mountaineering and @summitswithapurpose, she has raised over R1.5 million towards literacy and education in Africa.  As a Mandela Libraries ambassador and a social entrepreneur Saray continues to push boundaries both professionally and in mountaineering.
You can listen to Saray on the Tough Girl Podcast, new episodes are every Tuesday at 7am UK time!
Show notes
  • Who is Saray
  • What life was like growing up
  • Being 1 of 7 girls
  • Her passion for education 
  • The sky is the limit
  • Being a tomboy
  • Being part of a community
  • Why education is so important
  • Why the world is a global village
  • Losing her older sister
  • Wanting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro 
  • Making the decision to climb the 7 summits (the 7 highest mountains on every continent)
  • How it evolved into the Explorers Grand Slam
  • Summits with a Purpose
  • Encouraging other people to get outdoors
  • Finding a mentor
  • Needing to train differently for every adventure
  • Her first Mt Everest summit attempt in 2014
  • Struggling to find sponsorship and self funding the adventure
  • Making the decision to go back Mt Everest in 2015
  • Becoming more committed
  • Being in an earthquake in 2015 on Mt Everest
  • Going to pray
  • Almost dying in 2016 after a mountain biking accident put her in a coma for 3 weeks
  • Recognising and celebrating the small wins 
  • Getting 100m from the summit
  • Being left to die in the dead zone on Mt Everest
  • Starting to question everything
  • Risk versus reward
  • Figure out the why 
  • Figure out what you can do differently and go back
  • Deciding to go back in 2019
  • Feeling invincible and ready to take on anything
  • Failing forward
  • Leaning how to ski at the South Pole
  • Only being able to trust her compass
  • Mental resilience and determination during challenges
  • Coping with Covid
Social Media 
Facebook @saraykhumaloSpeaker
Instagram @saraykhumalo
Twitter  @saraykhumalo
Aug 4, 2020
Zahrah is a Muslim woman of South Asian heritage, who lives in Scotland. Zahrah got into hiking three years ago when a friend took her out for a walk to reduce the stress of her chartered accountant exams. Zahrah shares her walks on instagram where she is know as @the_hillwalking_hijabi.
Zahrah is passionate about getting people outdoors, she share her walks and hopes others will be inspired to give it a go. Zahrah especially wants to help encourage other Muslim women to spend time outdoors, so that they too can experience the physical and mental benefits which she enjoys. 
During this episode Zahrah shares more about how she got into walking, what it was like taking on Ben Nevis and what keeps her motivated when things get tough, she also shares more about the benefits that she has enjoyed from spending time outside. 
You can listen to Zahrah on the Tough Girl Podcast, new episodes are every Tuesday at 7am UK time!
Show notes
  • Getting into hill walking
  • What it was like going into the hills for the first time
  • Not getting hooked straight away
  • The relief of making it to the top
  • Chatting about gear
  • Gaining confidence in the hills
  • Getting support from the online community
  • Dealing with stereotypes in the hills
  • Sharing her stories on Instagram
  • Keeping motivated when things get tough
  • Snacks 
  • How hillwalking has helped with self confidence and stress
  • Going through a divorce
  • Climbing Ben Nevis
  • Maintaining fitness
  • Quick Fire Questions
  • Final words of advice
Social Media
Instagram @the_hillwalking_hijabi
Blog -
Aug 4, 2020
Karen Darke is a British Paraplegic adventurer, athlete and author. Karen was a keen runner and mountaineer (climbing both Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn), however, at 21 years old, she was paralysed from the chest down following an accident, whilst sea cliff climbing. 
Karen has continues to go follow her interests and passions and loves going on adventures, which have included, hand cycling over 2,000 miles from Canada to Mexico down the Pacific Coast Highway, which she did in 2017. 
Karen also become the first paraplegic woman to handcycle across the Himalayas, sea kayak from Canada to Alaska (1500 km, 2003), skied across the Greenland Ice Cap (a trip of over 600 kilometres, 2006), and climbed the kilometre high overhanging rock-face of El Capitan. She has also hand-cycled down the Silk Route, the length of Japan and across Tibet. 
During this episode Karen share more about her personal challenges, Quest 79 and the Pole of Possibility.
You can listen to Karen on the Tough Girl Podcast, new episodes are every Tuesday at 7am UK time!
Show notes
  • Being a modern day Alchemist
  • Why 79 is such a special number
  • What quest 79 is
  • Wanting to encourage other people to step outside their comfort zone
  • Winning the gold medal at Rio
  • The defining moments in her career
  • Surprising herself with her performance
  • Working with a sports psychologist
  • Asking the question - Who am I? Who are you?
  • The Wild Way
  • Having something to look forward to after the Rio Olympics
  • Getting resupply on the route
  • Struggling to wild camp in Chile 
  • Loving the Himalayas 
  • Dealing with descents 
  • Riding into Katmandu
  • Not being supported by a team
  • Doing adventures and journeys with people you don’t know
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Working towards a common goal
  • The pole of possibility
  • The importance of having a purpose
  • Partnering with the Polar Academy 
  • Dealing with the cold
  • Regulating her body temperature
  • 79 is the atomic number for gold
  • Inner gold
  • Why it’s always about the journey
  • The connection of the inner and outer worlds
  • Learning from every journey 
  • Why you have to feel your emotions
  • How Covid has impacted on Karen
  • Writing books
  • The Adventure Mindset Program
  • Final words of advice
Social Media
Website - 
Facebook @karenquest79
Instagram @handbikedarke
Twitter @kdarke
Aug 4, 2020
After a year of facing her childhood fear of open seas, Lungi wrote her name in history by being the first African female to sail to the Arctic on her recent climate change and plastic pollution expedition to the North Pole. 
The 34-year-old’s professional background is in banking but, after taking up sailing in 2016, she's already achieving what most people can only ever dream of.
Lungi shares more about her early life, her passions for sailing, and the environment as well as more about her big dream to sail around the world solo. Lungi has recently completed her Yachtmaster Ocean at the UK Sailing Academy and has shared her story on the TedX stage.
Lungi is inspiring girls to break free from limiting beliefs and pursue their dreams whatever they may be.
You can listen to Lungi on the Tough Girl Podcast - new episodes are every Tuesday at 7am UK time, make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out.
Show notes
  • Who is Lungi
  • Lungi’s passions and interests
  • What life was like growing up
  • Her dreams of travelling 
  • Her passion for climate change and where it came from 
  • Making a difference in the fight against climate change
  • Having a fear of open seas
  • What would you do if you weren't’ afraid
  • Getting into sailing
  • Loving the water
  • Making her dream come true
  • Having a full time job and trying to fit in sailing
  • Being inspired by female sailors
  • Finding her tribe in sailing
  • Her BIG dream for sailing
  • Getting her qualification in sailing
  • Being involved in her local community
  • Plastic pollution in the seas
  • Making a career change from working in banking
  • Becoming a full time sailor
  • Wanting to sail around the world solo
  • Training at the UK Sailing Academy
  • Doing a fast track program to get her Yacht Master Qualification
  • The next steps & applying for crewing positions
  • Having trails with the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race
  • Working towards her next goal
  • Funding her current lifestyle
  • Thoughts and lessons on sustainable living
  • The biggest challenge faced over the past few years
  • Role models in sailing 
  • Being inspired by Tracy Edwards
  • Advice for girls and women who want to get into sailing
  • TedX - The Beauty of the Unknown
  • Quick Fire Questions
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Jul 30, 2020
Nikki in her own words;
I’m here to do my best, be my best, have a blast and meet as many people as I can along the way. I’m Chasing Extraordinary! Since … well ever since I can remember, I’ve been into moving my body, pushing, training, looking after and loving my body.  I started ballet at the tender age of 4 and it’s been all sorts of incarnations of fitness since then.
My love, my passion, my sanity is now adventure running.  It’s the wonderment of where can my feet take me, who I’ll meet, and how I can help along the way.
My goal is to share my knowledge, experience, adventures and love along the way through my writing, speaking, and social media’ing.
I choose to live through these 3 filters … LOVE.  FUN.  ADVENTURE.
Past Adventures
2018 – Run Around Ireland – 750 miles in 32 days
2018 – DesertUltra
2018 – Runcation around Malta and Gozo
2017 – 63 marathons in 63 days throughout the UK
2016 – JungleUltra – Peru
2010 – 7 marathons in 7 days
2002, 2007, 2010 – London Marathon
Listen to Nikki on the Tough Girl Podcast! New episodes every Tuesday at 7am UK time. Enjoy!
Show notes
  • Being an Adventure Runner
  • Doing lots of different sports when she was little
  • Getting into running
  • Growing up in Australia before moving to the UK
  • Why it all changed at 30
  • Dealing with a marathon DNF at 19 miles
  • Running the London Marathon in 2002
  • Having a new baby and how it impacted on running
  • Running 7 marathons in 7 days
  • Listening to the wrong people
  • Maybe that was the limit?
  • The motivation of having a big birthday
  • Not being supported 
  • Having a gap of 6 years with no adventure
  • Figuring out priorities 
  • Becoming a sports massage therapist
  • Working as a running coach
  • Turning 49 years young…
  • Taking on the Judge Ultra in Peru
  • Coming up with the ideas for 63 marathons in 63 days
  • Breaking her leg…
  • Taking 12 months to recover 
  • Developing strategies to develop mental strength and resilience
  • What if you do - What if you don’t
  • The reason Why - What it came down to…
  • Wanting to strive for the next level
  • Perspective on failure
  • Running 63 marathons in 63 days - the logistics and how it worked
  • Focusing on the distance and not the speed
  • Learning more about her body
  • Being peri-menopausal
  • The dream to run across Australia
  • The logistics and funding of the challenge
  • Deciding on a new physical challenge
  • Treadmill Oz - 2,500 miles in 63 days
  • Treadmill strategy for running
  • Having a support team around 
  • Figuring out how to make it work while on the treadmill
  • Chasing Extraordinary 
Social Media
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Jul 28, 2020
Jana was born in Russia, and her parents moved to the U.S. when she was 12. Her first experiences with hiking was heading out with her parents to New Hampshire. After college she moving to New York City and started to make some big changes to her lifestyle, and wanted to see what her body could do. 
She started by getting back into running, and was hiking every weekend, sometimes twice a weekend, and that's when she decided to become a guide with Discover Outdoors as a personal "passion project." 
In 2019, Discover Outdoors asked her if she would be interested in working for them on the business side. So Jana left her paralegal job at a big-law NYC firm and started as the Northeast Regional Manager. During that year she kept pushing herself in the outdoors and on August 9th, 2019 she submitted the Matterhorn!
Jana has recently started Adventure Untamed, an adventure travel company, she shares more about her motivations and why she has made this decision during Covid -19.
You can listen to Jana on the Tough Girl Podcast - new episodes are every Tuesday at 7am UK time, make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out. 
Show notes
  • Who is Jana, what she does and what she loves
  • Getting into fitness, running and spending time outdoors
  • Making a change in her career
  • Starting a travel company during the pandemic
  • The importance of the culture and the people 
  • Dealing with change
  • Growing up in Russia and moving to the USA at 12 years old
  • Being excited about new adventures and new experiences
  • The learning curve of hiking
  • How her passion/hobby for guiding evolved
  • Getting into running
  • Having a terrible fear of heights
  • Dealing with the fear of failure 
  • Making the transition from a 9-5 job to guiding 
  • Deciding to climb the Matterhorn 
  • The challenges of climbing the mountain and overcoming obstacles 
  • Dealing with feelings of doubt
  • Leaving at 4.08am to start the climb
  • Taking it one step at a time
  • Starting Adventure Untamed during a pandemic!
  • Dreams and plans for the future
  • Final words of advice to get more adventure in your life
Social Media
Adventure Untamed - Explore the wild. Escape your comfort zone.
Northeast day and multi-day outdoor trips departing from NYC.
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