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The Tough Girl Podcast is all about inspiring and motivating YOU! I will be interviewing inspirational women from around the world, who’ve faced and overcome difficult challenges and situations, they will share their story, their knowledge and provide advice and essential tips for you to overcome your own personal challenges. Please check out the Tough Girl Challenges website - and follow on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL
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Apr 25, 2019

In 2018, Laura rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic ocean, unsupported, in a team of four other women. The challenge took 43 days to complete and when the crossed the finish line in Antigua they were the fastest female team in 2018.

“A shopaholic, beauty salon owner - turned minimalist in training endurance athlete" 

Laura was part of the tough girl - 7 women - 7 challenges in 2017 and we followed her row around Great Britain, a rowing journey of 1,800 miles in a mixed team of four, which took 56 days to complete. We interviewed Laura 6 times throughout 2017 and Laura shared the whole journey with us, from having the idea, to turning this dream into a reality, the ups and the downs, the challenges faced and what she learnt along the way, she demonstrated resilience, determination, focus and a strong belief in herself and showed everyone what goes into making your dreams a reality.

During this podcast episode, Laura shares more about what it was like to fulfil her ambition of rowing across the Atlantic ocean, she shares more about the training, the team, fundraising and the realities of being out on the water in such an extreme and challenging environment.

Show notes

  • How Laura changed her life at 30
  • Trying to buy happiness and not finding it 
  • Getting rid of stuff and filling her life with experiences
  • Becoming a runner and doing ultra marathons
  • Where the idea for rowing across the Atlantic came from
  • Where is the Atlantic again?!
  • Seeing the opportunity to row around GB
  • Putting a video out on the internet asking to join a rowing team to row the Atlantic
  • How 30 mins and making one decision changed her future 
  • Why she kept on going after this dream and how being stubborn helped her
  • Fundraising £100K to row the Atlantic
  • Joining a new team and team dynamics
  • Going to work for Rannock Adventures and becoming part of the Ocean Rowing community 
  • 8 months of planning and preparation
  • Having dedicated jobs
  • How she balanced everything and why she just had to get on with it
  • Getting up at 5am!
  • Rowing on Sunday’s for 2 hours on a rowing machine 
  • Putting her rowing machine in interesting places
  • Rowing in the challenging situations
  • Getting out to the start line 2 weeks before the start
  • Trying to balance the extreme emotions she was feeling 
  • Being able to relax when she was rowing on the boat
  • The biggest challenges over the 6 weeks
  • The challenges of team dynamics
  • Goals for the crossing the Atlantic - safety and winning and how that helped with decision making
  • Dealing with headwind….
  • The mental side of rowing 
  • “Just get on with it”
  • The breathtaking and astounding moments!
  • Why the scary moments were also the highlights as well!
  • Why rowing the ocean wasn’t what she expected
  • Day 37 when her mind gave up and she didn’t want to do it anymore
  • Crossing the finish line and reaching Antigua
  • Transitioning back to “normal life” after the adventure
  • Plans for 2019 and looking for some little adventures in the UK

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Apr 23, 2019

Caroline Van Hemert, PhD, is a biologist, writer, and adventurer whose journeys have taken her from the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean to the swamps of the Okavango Delta 

In March of 2012 she and her husband (Pat) set off on a 4,000-mile wilderness journey from the Pacific rainforest to the Alaskan Arctic, traveling by rowboat, ski, foot, raft, and canoe.  Together, they survived harrowing dangers while also experiencing incredible moments of joy and grace -- migrating birds silhouetted against the moon, the steamy breath of caribou, and the bond that comes from sharing such experiences.

During this podcast, Caroline shares more about her love of nature and birds. Plus,why she decided to embark on this adventure, she talks through the planning, logistics, finances, the challenges faced and what she learned from this experience. Caroline has also published her first book about this challenge - The Sun is a Compass. 

Show notes

  • Caroline introduces herself
  • Growing up in Alaska
  • Studying for her PHD - birds and bird beaks!
  • How she met her now husband, Pat
  • Getting married in 2008 at a cabin they build in South East Alaska
  • Where the idea came from for this challenge
  • Coping with a variety of different challenges from her PHD to family illness
  • Working as part of a team with her husband and being focused on the logistics
  • Getting the maps out and starting to plan!!
  • Telling friends and family about the challenge….
  • Why she starts telling people - accountability
  • The power of lists
  • Coping with the unknowns during planning
  • Hard core stats 
  • Having 1 year to plan and prepare
  • Money?
  • the Arctic!
  • Starting at the beginning
  • Bellingham - the start line and being overwhelmed
  • When reality set in 
  • Getting back to nature
  • An overview of the trip and the different segments
  • Dealing with the physical transitions 
  • The biggest challenge and why it was a mental challenge
  • The impact of adventure on relationships while out in stressful environments 
  • The one moment which made it all worthwhile
  • Getting back to “normal” life
  • Her transition into motherhood 
  • Advice and tips for other women  - “Don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG”
  • Her NEW book - The Sun is a Compass
  • 10 years studying a scientific mystery…

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Apr 18, 2019

During this podcast we catch up with Leanne Spencer who we first spoke with in June 2018.

Since we last spoke Leanne and her partner Antonia have gone on to complete the world toughest ski race - the arctic circle race in Greenland. We learn more about the reasons behind the challenge, how they trained and prepared, what it was like when they were over there, the challenges they faced, from going to the toilet to dealing with the stress and anxiety from the race. They share top tips and advice which you will be able to apply to your own personal challenge. 

Leanne are Antonia are super down to earth, very friendly and have a wealth of experience to share! Enjoy!  But be warned listening to this episode will encourage you to go after your own personal challenge! 

Leanne Spencer

Leanne is an award-winning entrepreneur, Six Signals® Coach, double-bestselling author and TEDx Speaker. Along with Antonia, she is the co-founder of Bodyshot. Leanne regularly speaks to audiences all over the UK on topics around fitness, health, wellbeing, burnout and corporate resilience. Leanne is an advocate for gender equality.

Antonia Bannasch

Antonia is a health and fitness expert and Six Signals® Coach. Antonia loves health, fitness, skiing and challenging herself. Personal interests are in supporting charities that are searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Show notes

  • How the seed got planted to do the Arctic Circle Race
  • Racing in the Rat Race Coast to Coast in Scotland
  • Wanting to get away from running and cycling
  • The power of google..
  • “Let’s challenge ourselves and learn how to cross country ski!”
  • Wanting to raise funds at the same time
  • 18 months to plan and prepare
  • Learning how to ski on roller skates!
  • Feeling of fear and starting to feel uncomfortable
  • Struggling to find the hours to train during the day
  • The challenges of fundraising while running a business
  • Costs involved from doing a challenge like this
  • Antonia on fitness and how she added to her fitness routine
  • Hacking movement into their day
  • Active transport
  • Raising funds for Alzheimer's Research UK
  • Top tips for raising funds
  • Being in a partnership - the pro’s and the cons’
  • Heading over to Greenland
  • Dealing with pre race nerves
  • Race strategy and wanting to finish the race
  • Dealing with the challenges of the changing weather and trying to regulate your body temperature
  • The structure of the race and how it works
  • How do you pee? 
  • Reflecting back and what was the biggest challenge that they had to overcome
  • The kindness of other people
  • Wanting to stop after day 1
  • How to cope with anxiety during an event
  • Providing emotional support for your partner during challenging times
  • Reflecting back on the challenge - the worlds toughest ski race
  • Top tips for the Arctic Circle Race
  • What was the best piece of kit?
  • Mantra’s or counting?
  • Best item of food?
  • Bodyshop Performance
  • Podcast  - Remove the Guesswork
  • Next challenge for 2021 - The Iceman Polar Challenge….


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Podcast - Remove The Guesswork 

The Remove the Guesswork podcast is for busy professionals who want to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing using the latest science and technology to cut through the noise and get better results, faster. In each 30 minute episode Leanne will talk with some of the leading names in the health and wellbeing industry about the latest innovations, interview people who have transformed their health to find out how they did it, and share her own personal story of chronic stress, burnout, career change and subsequent lifestyle transformation. Other popular topics include personalisation; optimizing human performance; work/life blend; the importance of recovery; finding consistency; thriving not surviving; becoming a health warrior; biohacking and intelligent training. 


Apr 16, 2019

Sara is an Adventurer at Heart. She is a woman who believes in truth, inspiration and hope in life. Sara believes that we all have the power within to become our best self and Live Life Boldly. 

During this podcast Sara shares more about the challenges she has faced, how she overcame them and why getting back to nature helped her. Sarah shares more about hiking and guiding in the Grand Canyon and how she recently supported Shawn Cheshire in her world record to become to become the fastest blind woman to hike Rim to Rim to Rim (42 miles in 24 hrs 15 mins)

Sara also shares why age is just a number and why she is joy junkie.

By listening to this episode you will be motivated and inspired to go after your own personal challenges

*Please be aware during this episode we do talk briefly about rape (we don’t go into specifics).

Show notes

  • Sara introduces herself 
  • Being born and raised in a small town, with 2 brothers
  • Being a teacher and getting married at a young age
  • Moving to California
  • Being cheated on by her husband for over 14 years
  • Spending time out in nature
  • To think or not to think
  • The time it took before she started to feel the benefits in her life
  • Being an intention setter
  • The two pivotal moments in her life which helped her to move forward
  • Staying present and why grounding is so important
  • Providing support for her boys
  • How past experiences helped her to cope
  • Find the people who will support you 
  • Coaching and becoming a Wilderness First Aid Responder at 42
  • Why age is just a number
  • Hiking and guiding in the Grand Canyon 
  • Helping bling Paralympic - Shawn Cheshire break the world record for going - rim to rim to rim in the grand canyon (42 miles in 24 hrs 15 mins) 
  • What she learnt from this experience
  • Starting her life over after her marriage was over
  • Red heels!
  • Not being defined by her situation and why it’s important you create your own life
  • Climbing Mt Whitney
  • Living life and living boldly - living by choice
  • Being a joy junkie
  • What’s going to be bringing her joy over the coming months
  • New book coming out soon!
  • Say hi to Sarah in Arizona at the Grand Canyon - not the big Canyon!
  • Final words of advice for you & why the time is now!
  • Wanting to go to Africa to build homes and schools

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Apr 9, 2019

Chrissie Wellington is the world's No 1 female Ironman triathlete, a four times World Champion. In 2009 she was voted 'Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year' and in 2010 was awarded the MBE. She is the undefeated champion of Triathlon, having won thirteen Ironman titles from thirteen races. She set a new World Record of 8 hours19:13 at Quelle Roth Germany in 2010. 

Chrissie has displayed unprecedented levels of stamina, strength and competitiveness in becoming Ironman World Champion in only her second event at Ironman level. Her victory in Kona, Hawaii in 2007 finishing five minutes ahead of her nearest rival was described as the 'biggest upset in Ironman history' and 'a remarkable feat, deemed to be near impossible task for any athlete racing as a rookie at their first Ironman World Championships'. 

During this podcast we talk more about her early life, growing up, changing her career direction, going on a 2 year gap year, the reasons behind why she started running and how it evolved into triathlon. Chrissie also shares more about her life now as a mother, making the transition from a professional athlete and why she’s so passionate about getting people moving.

Chrissie is Global Head of Health and Wellbeing at Parkrun. 

* please note during this podcast we do talk about eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia - we do not go into specifics but rather talk about the how and the why

Show notes

  • How she would describe herself
  • being passionate about self mastery 
  • Growing up in Norfolk
  • Being focused on academic excellence
  • Being an active child and joining the local swimming club
  • Leaving university and not doing any sport
  • Graduated from University of Birmingham and wanting to take a break
  • Taking a 2 year gap year and travelling
  • Looking for validation and signing a law contract in London
  • Starting to question her decision to go into law
  • Working out what she was passionate about
  • Wanting to drive positive change
  • Telling friends and family that she was no longer going to be a lawyer 
  • How her running journey progressed
  • Having a desire to control her weight and relapsing into an eating disorder. 
  • Starting to fall in love with running and deciding to run the London marathon in 2002
  • The evolution into triathlon
  • Aiming to go faster in her 2nd marathon and beat her time of 3 hrs 8 mins
  • Getting hit by a car 2 weeks before her 2nd London Marathon
  • Being injured and deciding to take up swimming
  • Doing her first super sprint race in 2004 at Eton
  • The importance of role models and being encouraged to try new things
  • An accidental athlete?
  • Being shaped by so many different factors and different life experiences
  • Taking a sabbatical from her job and heading to Nepal 
  • Having a capacity to endure
  • Making the decision at 30 to become a professional athlete
  • Mental resilience and mental determination and why Nepal was so pivotal 
  • Cycling 1200km from Tibet to Katmandu, Nepal and going via Everest Base Camp
  • What happened at the Ironman World Championships in 2010
  • Why out of adversity there can be positive experiences
  • Making the hard decisions
  • Making the transition from professional athlete and moving on to the next stage of her life
  • Being a role model and inspiring others
  • Her daughter Esme
  • Why she is focused back on running
  • What park run is and what her role is
  • Publishing her autobiography in 2012 - “Life without Limits”
  • For training advice check out her second book - to the finish line
  • Find word of advice to motivate and inspire you 

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Park Run 

Apr 2, 2019

Alice took a year long sabbatical from work and since then has walked 1300km across the Te Araroa South Island in New Zealand, wild camped on the Great Wall of China and walked for 10 days along the Tokai Nature Trail in Japan. 

During this podcast Alice shares more about growing up, not being sporty but loving the outdoors, how a car accident helped to motivate her to make a change in her life, how she planned for her time off, as well as giving advice and tips for you on enjoying the simple life, hiking and dealing with challenges as they come up. 

Show notes

  • Who is Alice
  • Growing up in the Malvern Hills
  • Not being great at sports but loving the outdoors
  • Spending time in Cornwall
  • Navigating through Dartmoor…
  • Wanting to spend time in the mountains and found it harder as she got older
  • Not finding her thing while at university
  • Deciding to take a sabbatical work 
  • Being in a car accident in Norway 
  • How she came to the decision to take a sabbatical
  • Reflecting back on the car crash
  • Deciding on which hiking trail to do 
  • Why the Te Araroa trail stood out
  • Having 6 months to plan the trip and taking into account the seasonal nature of the challenge
  • Not doing much hiking before heading off to New Zealand
  • Not knowing how much of the trail they would do 
  • Having 60 days to complete the South Island hike 
  • Enjoying the simple life of the trail
  • Routes and daily life on the trail
  • Navigation
  • Guthook App
  • The biggest challenge while on the trail
  • Getting lost in the fog
  • Why they wanted to focus on the South Island
  • Heading off to Japan to hike a small section of the Toki Nature Trail
  • The languages challenges in Japan and why google translate was amazing!
  • Camping on the great wall of china…. with gunfire going off at night!
  • Being happy in her job and just needing to make a few changes
  • Having the time to reflect on their lives
  • Spending time outdoors
  • Going back to work after so much time off
  • Doing the Cape Wrath Trail in Scotland
  • Why you should do a sabbatical
  • Practical tips and advice 
  • Support from friends and family

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Mar 26, 2019


Her passion for adventure is evident with two world records under her belt so far, including being the first woman to skydive Everest and race semi-wild horses 1000 kms across Mongolia in just nine days. She has raised over £300k for charities through her adventures so far. 


Few people know that 96 African elephants are poached each day for their ivory. At this rate they will be extinct in the next decade. Holly has turned this disheartening statistic into a powerful and award-winning campaign, entitled 'How Many Elephants', which presents a physical commentary on the devastating impact of the elephant ivory trade.




Show notes

  • Turing 40
  • Combining her passions
  • What life was like in her early 20s
  • How 60 seconds of pure terror changed the direction of her life
  • The boldness of youth
  • Working as a sky diving camera women 
  • How her dream job changed
  • Deciding to go back to university at 24
  • Deciding a sky diving computer program and selling the company
  • Deciding to get more active in the world of adventure 
  • £24,000 needed….in 9 months!
  • Falling out of the plane!
  • Dealing with the media!
  • Getting back to the UK and not having a plan
  • Dealing with the adventure blues
  • Being invited to take part in another world first expedition
  • Having 9 months to train for a 1000km horseback ride across Mongolia
  • Why it was more about the experience rather than winning
  • Being scared in the mountains
  • Putting everything into perspective
  • What a typical day was like out in Mongolia
  • Picking the craziest horses!
  • Galloping with 400 wild horses!
  • What she learned from spending time in Mongolia
  • Doing a first ascent of a mountain in Western Mongolia
  • Accidents in remote places
  • Having too much reliance on luck
  • Qualifications and experience 
  • Setting up the charity - How Many Elephants
  • Going back to university to study for a Masters in Sustainable Design 
  • 96 elephants poached every single day in Africa
  • Being on the front line and working with the Black Mambas
  • How she fits it all in 
  • Being able to travel with work
  • Building up a team of ambassadors
  • Plans for 2019
  • Moving to New Zealand
  • What a typical day is like
  • Final words of advice - “Think Big - Dream Bigger"

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How Many Elephants Campaign

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Mar 19, 2019

Kate grew up largely in Scotland, bar a few years in Penzance, and now lives in Cumbria with her partner, Chris. She is a keen sea kayaker – preferably around remote, wildlife-rich islands – hill walker and bookworm, as well as a cyclist. 

A former university lecturer, first in environmental philosophy and then outdoor education, Kate now works freelance. Her overall aim is to help deliver a massive wake up call: raising awareness and inspiring effective, intelligent action on some of our most urgent environmental challenges. 

Kate has written widely on environmental issues. Her book, The Carbon Cycle, Crossing the Great Divide s based on a bike ride from Texas to Alaska exploring climate change. She is currently writing her next book on her last adventure, cycling South America on a bamboo bike!

Show notes

  • Who is Kate
  • Growing up being outdoorsy but not being sporty
  • Taking a gap year after school and falling in love with bikes
  • Her first big cycle challenge (1986)
  • Being inspired by - The Crane Cousins - Bicycling up Kilimanjaro 
  • Quitting smoking 
  • Being a post grad at Glasgow University in Environmental Ethics 
  • The Bamboo bike - “Woody” - how it came about & building the bike!
  • Getting passionate about climate change 
  • 2006 - Cycling from Texas to Alaska - to raise awareness for Climate Change - 
  • Writing the Carbon Cycle Book (2006)
  • What Adventure Plus is  
  • Highlights from the trip & the challenges faced while being on her own in Alaska
  • What’s changed in relation to climate change 
  • The Andes Cycle Ride in relation to bio-diversity 
  • Doing challenges solo
  • Doing research, blog, social media, arrange visits 
  • Deciding to cycle South America - how it came about 
  • Having to quit her job to go on the adventure
  • The money - how much does it cost to do adventures
  • No children and having a very supportive partner 
  • Spending approx. - £10,000 over the year 
  • Travelling on a cargo ship  - (The Cruise People)  
  • Wanting to take unpaid leave (and expecting to get it)
  • Not feeling prepared for the ride
  • Trying to learn Spanish.. 
  • Ageing and the judgement of others
  • Taking us back to the start… Columbia
  • Having a challenging beginning and why it was so chaotic at the start!
  • Accommodation and camping…
  • The biggest challenge while on the bike
  • The beauty of the landscapes
  • Safety while in South America
  • Reaching the end of the trip and running out of time!
  • Being even more passionate about the environment
  • Writing her next book - The Life Cycle 
  • Life of a freelancer
  • Future cycle plans and why she’s loving the UK
  • Final advice and top tips for you and why you don’t have to be an expert
  • Find out more about Kate

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Mar 14, 2019

In April 2018, Anna Blackwell and Kate Culverwell set out on a world first tandem kayak expedition from England to the Black Sea. This journey saw them paddle over 4000km along canals and rivers through 11 countries, including navigating almost the entire length of the Danube River, Europe’s second longest river.

The expedition was raising money for Pancreatic Cancer Action in memory of Kate's father, David Culverwell. While paddling, Kate and Anna also collected data to contribute to the research of FreshWater Watch, an Earthwatch research project investigating the health of global freshwater ecosystems.

Show notes

  • Being a full time adventurer
  • Dedicating her life to adventure
  • Learning more about Anna
  • Deciding on the next challenge
  • Explorers Connect - Belinda Kirk
  • How she ended up partnering up with Kate Culverwell
  • Hitting it off straight away
  • Funding the expedition
  • 6 months to finish the route, sort out the kit, training and financing the challenge
  • Budgeting and costs for the trip
  • £15,000 of financial sponsorship
  • Focusing on local companies
  • How people became personally invested in what they were doing
  • Training for the event and getting comfortable paddling for hours
  • The relief of getting to the start line
  • Starting from Westminster Bridge from London
  • Crossing the English Channel
  • Wearing adult nappies!
  • Getting use to the new reality of life 
  • Dealing with over 250 locks…
  • Wild camping by the canals
  • Having to make drastic changes in order to make it to the finish line
  • Reaching Serbia and getting ill
  • Being frustrated and demoralised on the water by lack of progress
  • Making changes to the plan and having to commit to an end date
  • Feeling like failures  
  • What Anna learnt from the experience
  • Friendship and teamwork
  • Post expedition blues
  • Raising funds for charity


Social media

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Instagram @kayakingthecontinent  

Kate - @kateculverwell 


Mar 12, 2019

Di is a global leader and award-winning woman of influence who has inspired more than 30,000 people off the couch through shared hiking adventures, while raising over $30 million for charity and helping women lead adventurous lives they love. She does work she loves with people she loves the way she loves and she’s keen to help families, friends and workers do the same. She is passionate about motivating women to lead adventurous lives they love, creating pleasure, power and productivity from hiking adventures.

She has climbed many extreme altitude peaks and holds the record for the world’s highest handstand on Mt Ama Dablam, 6,982m, Nepal.

Show notes

  • Growing up and having an adventurous spirit
  • Having a difficult time as a teenager 
  • Looking for alternative places to achieve her dreams
  • Being called - bossy when she was younger
  • Learning about leadership
  • Getting injured after becoming the Australian National Champion in Gymnastics
  • Deciding to become a PE teacher
  • Discovering adventure in her 40s
  • Turning 40 and why it was worse than turning 30!
  • Going to climb the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere!
  • Being told she was a bad mother…
  • Not summiting Aconcagua and what she learned from this ‘failure’
  • The importance of having a goal booked in the calendar
  • How she handled the haters
  • Not making decisions based on fear
  • Maintaining the motivation over the 6 months before the challenge
  • Having a goal buddy
  • How she was feeling at the start of the challenge
  • Life on the mountain, fearing for her life and learning about herself
  • The disappointment of not making the summit
  • Deciding to start - Wild Women on Top
  • The power of failure and why you learn the most from failure
  • Going back 8 years later to summit Aconcagua!
  • Having a surprise baby in her 40s
  • Being a mum to 3 children and dealing with the end of her marriage
  • Coming up with the idea for Coast Trek 
  • Inspiring over 30,000 women and raising over AUS $30,000,000 for charity 
  • Using adventure to help her over come the challenges in her personal life
  • Walking 100K and how it pushes you mentally and physically 
  • Building your own inner strength
  • Words alone are not enough - you need to take ACTION
  • Going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro & Mount Elbrus
  • Living and breathing the mountains and trekking
  • The fear of going back to Aconcagua and not making it to the summit again
  • Working as part of a team
  • Turning 60 next year! (60 adventures in one year)
  • Turning 50…. and heading to Everest base camp
  • Turning a negative into a positive
  • Advice for younger women - trying new things and trusting your body
  • Coast trek  - Sydney & Melbourne 
  • Book - How to prepare for world class treks


Social Media

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Facebook - @DiWestawayCEO 

Wild Women on Top

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Mar 7, 2019

Bex started out with her blog, The Ordinary Adventurer, in 2016 and a year later founded Love Her Wild. In just over a year, she grew the community to over 5,000. Her blog now receives over 10,000 visitors a month and she regularly delivers talks and sell-out expeditions. She was shortlisted for TGO personality of the year 2017 and made the 2018 San Miguel Rich List.

Since we last spoke with Bex in 2017, Bex has gone on to do numerous challenges and expeditions, which have included; kick scooting the length of the United States from Vancouver in Canada to Mexico, hikes in Israel, climbing mountains in India and eco trips in Africa.

During this podcast Bex shares more about her adventures, the issues of fundraising, getting sponsorship, how she handles the stress of being on the road and making decisions, and why after 3 years she has decided to have a permanent base for a while.  

Show notes

  • Where is Bex currently?
  • Kicking the States!
  • 1750 miles from Canada to Mexico on a scooter!
  • Putting personal adventures on hold
  • Doing a big challenge which hadn’t been done before
  • Deciding to fundraise for charity
  • Heading off in May and not having much time to prepare
  • Having to share your trip on social media
  • Feeling under pressure
  • Getting the trip sponsored by Vivo Life
  • The pressure and challenges of fundraising 
  • Why raising $10,000 is one of the proudest moment of her life
  • The challenges she faced on the road
  • Legs & scooting!!
  • The John Wayne Joke!
  • Her scooter muscle!!
  • Having a 3 month visa
  • The unknown factors and trying not to stress about it
  • Going back to the start of the trip in Vancouver
  • Handling the uncertainty and getting use to it 
  • Doing an expedition with her husband - Gil
  • Finishing the challenge and the relief she felt and being ready for it to be over
  • What happened after the end of the challenge
  • Heading off to India and leading a hike in Israel
  • What Love her Wild is and how it came about
  • “The Everest Adventure”
  • The gap for all female expeditions
  • So many different expeditions to choose from!
  • Focusing on conservation and being environmentally friendly as possible
  • Working with whale sharks in Tanzania!
  • Going on an adventure with Cal Major and Holly Hughes (who have both been on the Tough Girl Podcast!)
  • The problems she faced on the hike
  • Handling the issues and problems and how she handled them
  • Doing what she needs to do 
  • Deciding to change from being nomadic
  • Going to move to Bristol
  • Why travelling stopped being fun
  • Why normal living is not a negative thing
  • Deciding on Bristol and why it was a quick decision
  • Plans for 2019!
  • Where to connect with Love Her Wild
  • Advice and tips for other women to find their wild


Build Your Brand Workshop

6th & 7th April  —>> LONDON

More info can be found HERE —>>


Mar 5, 2019

Georgina credits the mountains and a life of adventure to shaping who she is today. She is passionate about sharing the gift of adventure and wellness with others to unleash the power within and enjoy life a bit better.

Georgina is a social entrepreneur, adventurer, public speaker, consultant, and coach combining over a decade of Corporate, Start-up, and Adventure experience. She is a social innovator working to accelerate gender equality globally and exploring new ways to unleash full human potential in life and business from a holistic mind, body, spirit approach. She's passionate about building healthier and more socially conscious entrepreneurial ecosystems that combine business and spirituality.

She firmly believes that women are the world's largest untapped resource and that given the proper resources and equal opportunities they can change the world. She’s on a mission to do her part to change this statistic. 

As an accomplished mountaineer, climbing 6 of the 7 highest peaks on each continent, including Mt. Everest twice, she is fascinated by the power of human potential. She loves working with people to help them unleash their full potential and bring to surface conscious and subconscious roadblocks in order to help them reach their dreams, goals, and objectives in business and life. She is currently in the process of completing the Explorer Grand Slam, a feat that less than 15 women globally have completed. 

Georgina credits the mountains and a life of adventure to shaping who she is today. She is passionate about sharing the gift of adventure and wellness with others to unleash the power within and enjoy life a bit better. 

Show notes

  • Who is Georgina
  • Coming from a small family
  • Growing up in LA and San Diego
  • Now living between the West Coast and Amsterdam 
  • Getting into the adventuring world and being an unlikely adventurer
  • Discovering rock climbing
  • How being playful could benefit your life
  • Going above 10,000ft
  • Not being able to run a mile
  • Figuring out what your body can do 
  • Deciding to go public with her goal of the 7 summits - 2007
  • The article that changed her life
  • Being 10 years into her challenge
  • Why the result don’t always come over night
  • Climbing Mount Elbrus 
  • Saying her goals outloud for the first time
  • Being brought up in a traditional Latino household
  • A message from ‘a real climber’
  • How she keeps going after her goals even without family support
  • How she decided when to summit Mount Everest
  • Deciding to climb Mount Denali first (May 2010)
  • Not making it up Everest on her first attempt (2011)
  • Learning from failure and why her approach in 2013 was different
  • Spending 30 hours in the Death Zone
  • Making the decision to turn around
  • Getting over the “failure”
  • Why you need to train your mind
  • How Georgina pays for her adventures
  • The misconception about sponsorship and money
  • The remaining challenges
  • Saving Antarctica until last
  • She Ventures
  • Life is trail and error
  • Top tips for you to step outside your own comfort zone


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Feb 26, 2019

Following the breakdown of her marriage and at the age of 48 in 1998 Jacqui decides to leave her job in health visiting and set off on a years adventure, alone backpacking in South East Asia.

This was to be the beginning of a journey that left conformity a distant memory. Finding herself bitten by the travel bug she then set off again, at the age of 50 with the Dutch Man this time combining her love of travel with her other passion … motorcycling.

During this podcast Jacqui share stories from her 7 years on the road, where she visited 20 countries with no plan. Jacqui speaks with warmth and an openness, sharing the mishaps, the mistakes, the broken leg, the food, and how she dealt with storms, castaways and pirates! 

Show notes

  • Currently living in Tasmania, Australia 
  • Heading off to go backpacking at 48
  • Having her marriage breakdown
  • Liking travelling and meeting awesome people
  • Meeting the Dutch man
  • Deciding to buy a motorcycle to travel around the world
  • Deciding to travel solo 
  • Reactions of friends and family when she headed off to go travelling at 48
  • Wanting to get away from it all
  • The plan for her year off
  • Never being on her own before
  • Staying in a hotel for 3 days and crying
  • Learning who she was
  • Wanting to slow down and to go at her own pace
  • Being frugal and managing a budget while travelling
  • Making mistakes and being wrong
  • How her confidence has grown over the years
  • Being a people pleaser and wanting to change that
  • Heading back to the UK after her first gap year and seeing that nothing had changed
  • Deciding not to go back to her old job as a health visitor
  • The return of the Dutch man!
  • Moving back in with her mum
  • Deciding to buy her own motorbike
  • Riding with a partner throughout India
  • Riding from India into Nepal, then spending time in Pakistan
  • Breaking her leg
  • Getting back on the bike after the  crash
  • Why she loves Australia
  • Dealing with pirates, storms and castaways!
  • Sailing with interesting characters….
  • 7 years of travelling and being on the road
  • Travelling with guilt 
  • Taking another 7 years to write a book
  • The difficulties of heading home 
  • Doing an A’level in history
  • The next part of the journey 
  • Plans for 2019 - “Plan what plan?!”
  • Advice for going with the flow and why you have to want to 



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"I have found that all I need in life is the right attitude. And what can be comfortably carried on an Enfield."

Jacqui Furneaux


Feb 21, 2019

Jenny is passionate about human powered endurance challenges and loves combining this with her love of the mountains. At the moment, Jenny is making her way around the globe, running across a mountain range on every continent. In 2016 she ran across the Tien Shan of Kyrgyzstan, in 2017 she ran across the Atlas of Morocco, and most recently ran across the Bolivian Andes. In 2019 Jenny will be tackling her fourth expedition, the Southern Alps in New Zealand! 

Jenny first came on the tough girl podcast in February 2017 when she shared more about her first challenge, exploring the Yukon of North Canada by cycling over 3,000 km. After her ride to Yukon, suddenly being fit enough to take on a running endurance challenge seemed like a possibility. Jenny decided to run solo, self-supported across Kyrgyzstan over 900km!

On the Tough Girl podcast, Jenny Tough shared stories from several of her adventures and the lessons she learned along the way. Whether you’re thinking about a major challenge or want a little more adventure every day, you can learn something from this incredible woman.

Show notes

  • Her next big challenge 
  • How the idea came about
  • Loving the mountains and her passion for running
  • Being looked after by local people
  • Deciding on her 2017 challenge
  • Getting into the zone
  • Moving from the survival stage to the thriving stage
  • The Atlas Mountains in Morocco
  • The planning of the trip
  • Making it up as she goes along (to a certain extent!)
  • The excitement!
  • Getting in shape for the challenge
  • Getting injury proof
  • The gear:- backpack - poles - shoes
  • Fast packing
  • Why weight is everything
  • Mental preparation and dealing with the unknown
  • The fear and doubt
  • Be the expedition buddy you wish you had brought
  • Tricking your brain
  • Covering 55k on her first day
  • Meeting the Berbers
  • Over coming language barriers
  • The beauty of the desert
  • The challenges of North Africa
  • Dealing with the Police
  • Not being able to enter cafe and restaurants
  • Helping to change attitudes
  • Adventure blues and finishing the challenge
  • Recovery time after a challenge
  • Trying to get better at patience
  • Her 3rd run- October 2018 heading off to Bolivia
  • Dealing with the altitude
  • Dealing with bad weather and storms
  • Doing constant risk assessments
  • Insurance
  • Paying for the challenges
  • Her plans for New Zealand - only 1200 km!
  • Being an introvert and dealing with the remoteness
  • Being more mindful when using a camera

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Feb 19, 2019

Callie 32, is a winter sports enthusiast who loves skiing and being in the mountains. She grew up in Southern California, before moving over to Alaska. One of Callie’s first challenges was bike touring from Dushanbe, Tajikistan to Ulaan Baaar, Mongolia. Callie has then gone on to successfully climb Mount Denali the highest mountain in North America and Aconcagua the highest mountain in South America.  Both were unguided expeditions! Her most recent challenge led her to complete a 5,000 mile unsupported ski, kayak and bike from Arctic Russia (in mid-winter), to the Bosporus Strait in Istanbul! 

During this podcast Callie talks about her journey, the challenges she has faced along the way, the high points, the low points, the dangers and realities of being out on the road. What she has learned about being brave and why women should get out there.

Show notes

  • Who is Callie
  • Growing up in California and moving to Alaska 10 years ago
  • How a SoCal girl ended up in Alaska!
  • Going to university and taking extra classes to get though university quicker
  • Her first big adventure - a big bike trip across Asia
  • Going to graduate school 
  • Deciding to go cycling with her best friend 
  • How her plans changed and why she decided to carry on solo
  • Transitions from being in a pair to being solo
  • Deciding to go to Afghanistan 
  • What it was like in Afghanistan in 2013
  • Learning between bravery and recklessness
  • Being reported as missing…
  • Speaking to her parents 
  • What happened next
  • Not being able to get out of the country
  • Managing fear and keeping calm
  • Getting back on the bikes again
  • Deciding to go skiing in Kashmir
  • Cycling through India and why it was her least favourite place to go as a women
  • Having to be so aware of her surrounding and the people she was engaging with
  • Planning where to sleep at night and making use of cheap hotels
  • Talking herself into leaving Delhi 
  • Deciding to finish after a year of cycling
  • Being attacked on the side of the road
  • Being angry at men and why cycling wasn’t fun anymore
  • Heading to Turkey to meet a friend
  • Going to graduate school in Dublin
  • Studying - Philosophy of Peace 
  • Getting into climbing and the mountains
  • Becoming a more competent mountaineer
  • 2016 and climbing Mount Denali and giving herself 6 month to plan
  • Climbing Aconcagua in South America in 2014
  • Climbing before the busy season - being there for Christmas and New Year
  • What happened while on the mountain
  • 2 summit attempts and the weather window
  • Knowing when to turn around
  • Heading back up by herself
  • Summit day!
  • Costs of climbing Aconcagua  - permits, food, & flights - less than $3,000 
  • Deciding to climb Denali
  • Gaining mountaineering skills and learning from friends
  • Being injured at the moment with a torn ACL and MCL…
  • Waiting to have surgery
  • The Russian Expedition in 2017!
  • A break down of the challenge
  • Dealing with the cold …. Siberia in winter …. - 40!
  • Going from skiing to bikes and then into kayaks!
  • Navigating though the mountains
  • Keeping positive in challenging situations
  • Why everything is easier with a partner
  • How the challenge came about 
  • The challenges during the kayaking portion
  • Dealing with the Russian Army & Police
  • Future plans for 2019
  • Not being on social media
  • Final words of advice for women out there



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Feb 12, 2019

Favia is a 30 year old Pathologist living in New Mexico, she is a keen climber and has been a competitor on American Ninja Warrior! During this podcast Favia shares more about her life, growing up with a single mum, going to Harvard University, deciding to go to medical school and what it was like being diagnosed with cancer. Favia, shares more about the challenges she faced and overcame and why climbing is such an important part of her life. 

Favia gives practical advice and top tips about how to schedule your time to be efficient and, why you may have to say no. Favia talks about mental sadness, the feeling of frustration and angry while dealing with cancer and how she managed to get through the chemotherapy and the recovery process to be able to start living her life again.

Show notes

  • Favia introduces herself
  • Her childhood and being raised by a single mum
  • Attending Harvard University
  • Going to Colombia to get her Masters and coming across rock climbing
  • Not liking climbing to start with
  • Setting the goal to go to Harvard when she was 5 years old
  • Her dream of being of Doctor
  • What life was like at Harvard
  • Deciding to give rock climbing another chance
  • Moving to Ohio and going to the rock gym to make friends
  • Being welcomed into the climbing community 
  • Being scared of spider and bugs
  • Recovery tips for climbing
  • Being diagnosed with cancer
  • The cancer journey and why training as a Dr. helped to save her life
  • Not being believed by the doctors
  • Standing up for herself
  • Getting through the toughest 6 months of her life
  • Getting back into sport and climbing
  • Living minute to minute
  • Doing radiation or not?
  • Trying to get out of the house and live again
  • Dealing with the anger and frustration from her condition 
  • Chaining her mental state
  • Working out her mental sadness
  • Needing a reason to not give up
  • Her reason for living
  • American Ninja Warrior
  • Learning how to schedule her time to be efficient
  • Getting fit with her husband
  • Having to get 9 hours of sleep and not getting up to early
  • Advice and tips for women who want to get into climbing
  • Advice and tips for women who are going through a tough time 


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Feb 7, 2019

We first spoke with Jessica after she had successfully completed her thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2015. Since then Jessica has continued to share her backpacking and hiking advice though her website and hugely popular Youtube channel  - Homemade Wanderlust (well worth checking out - over 150,000 subscribers!)

Jessica talks very openly about her dreams, doing what she loves, the challenges out on the trail as well as how she is funding her life. I am inspired by Dixie and what she has achieved and I know you will be as well. Enjoy this episode!

Show notes

  • What does she prefer to be called?
  • How Dixie would introduce herself
  • Completing the recipe to be successful.. but not being happy
  • Doing what she loves
  • Listen to Jessica when she shares more about hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2015
  • Getting back home after the Appalachian Trail
  • Wanting to get hiking again
  • Doing a wide variety of different jobs while growing her youtube channel
  • 2017 and doing the Pacific Crest Trail - the why and the how
  • Learning about the CDT
  • The pressure she felt at the start of the PCT and feeling so nervous about the desert and the snow
  • Gear changes and wanting to go lighter with her gear
  • Getting use to dry camping
  • Not being able to train before the PCT
  • Dealing with the desert and the first 700 miles
  • Filming on the PCT and trying to capture more of nature 
  • The moment that stands out on the trail and why the bad days make the best stories
  • Loss of life on the trail
  • Crossing rivers
  • Navigation on the trail and using the Gut Hook App
  • Appreciating the trail but also taking time out for a family graduation
  • Getting to the end of the trail and what it felt like
  • Patreon and how patrons have helped to change her life
  • Wanting to get out on the CDT in 2018
  • Heading north bound - 3,050 miles!
  • Create your own adventure trail!
  • The challenges of the CDT 
  • Food and nutrition on the trails
  • Lessons learned on the CDT
  • Taking risks doing thru hikes
  • When things don’t go to plan
  • Completing the triple crown and why it was surreal
  • Life after a thru hike
  • Future hikes and plans 
  • 2019 plans with her mum on the PCT
  • Top tips for having a successful thru-hike


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Feb 5, 2019

Verónica is a retired diver from Argentina. She earned a spot in the Olympic finals with appearances in 1980 (Moscow, Russia), 1984 (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1988 (Seoul, South Korea) and 1992 (Barcelona, Spain), with best finishes of eighth on the platform and 10th on the springboard, both at the 1992 Games. She was the only female competitor to make finals in both events in Barcelona. She is a 12-time South American champion (1980-92) while competing for her native country of Argentina, winning championships on the 1-meter and 3-meter springboards and the platform. Ribot-Canales later captured a pair of U.S. national titles in the 3-meter in 1992 and 1993 before retiring in 1996 after her fourth year as a member of the U.S. national team. 

Veronica’s journey continued on from being a very driven and competitive diver at the international level, to taking up SUP racing and yoga in her late 50s. Veronica shares more about her life, the challenges she has faced and overcome and how she stays physically active, especially while training in all kinds of weather. At the same time she is also deepening her yoga practice, while opening her heart, experiencing gratitude and abundance, and inspiring others. 

Show notes

  • Who is Veronica in her own words
  • Getting into SUP - doing both SUP yoga and racing in the summer
  • Her childhood - being born in Argentina and growing up in the Bahamas
  • Getting into diving and swimming at 8 years old
  • How she progressed in diving 
  • Potential being able to dive for Argentina in the Olympics!
  • The Pan American Games
  • How her diving career progressed
  • What it’s been like at the Olympics and how it has changed over the years
  • Competing at the olympic level - and dealing with the stress and pressure
  • the mental training they did 
  • Positive and negative stress
  • Perfection and the issues
  • The biggest challenge she had to face and overcome in her career
  • Coaching at Cornell 
  • Tips and tricks for coaching
  • Losing your “who am I”
  • Suffering from depression
  • Moving across the country with 2 small children
  • Going through a divorce
  • Being the only female diving coach
  • Starting yoga and how it helped change her life
  • Deciding to become a yoga instructor
  • SUP racing and winning!
  • Plans for 2019
  • No comparisons allowed


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Instagram - @olympicheartyogi  

Jan 29, 2019

Ayesha is working tirelessly towards this goal and is determined to take every opportunity that comes available to make this happen. She is extremely passionate about creating representation in cycling that will encourage and inspire other African-American women and youth to follow their dreams, whatever they may be. 

#aquickbrownfox #representationmatters

Show notes

  • Ayesha on her mission and passion for cycling
  • Going back to her childhood and coming from a sporty family
  • How her cycling developed - which started with commuting and why she loved it
  • How commuting open up her access to the city and enabled her to take on different jobs
  • How it all started with ally cat races
  • Her first race - 2014
  • Type 2 fun and why it was a horrible experience
  • Why she decided to carry on
  • Why she is still learning
  • Deciding to go professional
  • Advocacy and what she’s doing
  • Focus on content creation
  • Starting her own blog and podcast podcast - A quick brown fox
  • Being inspired by how people got there in the first place
  • Crashing out of the National Championships…
  • Dealing with crashing and how to get back on the bike again
  • Working with coaches and the impact on her confidence
  • What a typical training week looks like
  • The Dirty Kanza 200 - gravel race 
  • The mental aspects of the race
  • Getting comfortable in the saddle
  • The journey of going pro and the help she had along the way
  • How she funds her life and affords to ride
  • Why she doesn’t want donations
  • Patreon and how she’s finding it 
  • The bike she rides
  • Have an integrated seat post and why she loves it
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • How we can help to increase diversity
  • Plans for 2019


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Jan 22, 2019

Brigitte, is a Belgian-born Australian mountain climber. Her climbing career spanned over thirty years. In 1997, she became the first Australian woman to summit Mount Everest and the first Australian, male or female, to climb the Seven Summits (the highest summit on each of the continents). Her nine year quest, which included four dramatic attempts on Mount Everest, gives her a unique insight on achieving long term goals, and on maintaining personal motivation.

After her career in mountaineering and adventure, Brigitte became a film maker and an inspirational speaker. Brigitte has also written an autobiography The Wind in My Hair which is a tale of true heroism, courage and an unconquerable determination. She now leads community building treks in her beloved village of Lura in Eastern Nepal, where she started a women’s literacy and empowerment program

'Il faut vivre ses reves et non rever sa vie.' 'We must live our dreams, not dream our lives’.

Show notes

  • Growing up in Belgium
  • Her parents
  • Being inspired by Tin Tin
  • The turning point in her life being inspired by her teacher.  'Il faut vivre ses reves et non rever sa vie.' 'We must live our dreams, not dream our lives’.
  • Joining a caving club at 16!
  • Her first experience in a cave and why she felt so safe and comfortable
  • How her journey evolved and why people are so important
  • Meeting boys and going climbing in Canada
  • Working at the supermarket to save money
  • Finishing university and what happened next
  • Moving to Australia and living in a tent
  • Not having any idea what she wanted to do
  • Taking it one expedition at a time
  • The low point of her lifestyle
  • Struggling to make friends after moving to Australia
  • The last mountain she climbed in 1999
  • Losing a loved one in the mountains
  • Why it was time for something else
  • Deciding to focus on other challenges and going through a divorce
  • Having a mountaineering career which spanned 30 years
  • Talking about money
  • Mental grit and mental resilience
  • Beyond the Smile - where it comes from
  • Plans for 2019
  • Starting with Patreon
  • Advice and top tips 

Social Media


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Jan 15, 2019

In 2010, Sarah's curiosity and thirst for adventure led to the greatest expedition of her life, becoming the youngest female Documentarian at 21 years of age to produce her first film in the Amazon Rainforest “Amazon Souls”. While over there for 2 weeks, Sarah lived with the Huaorani tribe, hunted with the warriors, gathered with the women and was initiated into their existence by marriage to a warrior, making her a Queen! Through this alliance Sarah continues to send out their message of protecting their land through her film and speaking work.

Sarah’s achievements include winning the “Spirit of Adventure Award” from the Captain Scott Society 2014 for her next big expedition, “Life In The Darien Gap”, shortlisted by the SES (Scientific Exploration Society) Explorer of the year Award 2014, Finalist of the National Geographic Explorer Award, Finalist of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship Award 2014, highly commended by The Adventure Fund in association with Sidetracked magazine. With an interest in ancient civilizations and a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, Sarah has since been exploring the world, embarking on adventures and working on various film and humanitarian projects.

As a side project, after realising there was no hub for female explorers on or off screen, Sarah partnered with Russ Malkin from Big Earth to set up ‘The Adventuress Club’ – a platform to connect, share, empower and encourage women in the world of adventure. 

Show notes

  • Not knowing how do describe herself
  • Doing what she loves
  • How she defines herself
  • Not living a conventional lifestyle
  • Being inspired at 9 years old
  • Making her first film at 21
  • Being made a Queen
  • What life was like growing up
  • Her childhood and being the ‘black sheep’ of the family
  • Growing up in a conservation, Bengali, Muslim family
  • Being a fashion designer
  • Spending 16 months living with her grandparents in Bangladesh
  • What she learnt from that experience
  • Coming up against resistance
  • Proving people wrong
  • Without action there is no reaction
  • Feeling different from everyone else
  • Trying to prove herself constantly
  • Meeting the tribe for the first time
  • Hunting with the warriors
  • Living with the tribe for 2 weeks
  • Dealing with the language barriers
  • Getting use to being naked
  • The marriage ceremony
  • Heading back to the UK and adjusting to life afterwards
  • Finishing her final year at university 
  • Deciding to become a journalist
  • Heading to the Atlas mountains
  • Learning to be open and understand of people who are different
  • Setting up -  The Adventuress Club
  • Plans for 2019
  • Final words of advice and tips for you 

Social Media

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Twitter : @Sarah_Begum  

Instagram : @sarahbegumtv 

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The Adventuress Club

The Adventuress Club is here to inspire and empower women to live in the spirit of adventure.


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Jan 8, 2019

Sara Hastreiter - adventurer, professional sailor and athlete. Current challenge - to be the first women to sail the 7 seas and to climb the highest summits of the world's 7 continents.

Sara Hastreiter is a globe-exploring, international adventuring sailor and climber. It's Sara's goal to be the first woman ever to sail all 7 seas, and climb to the highest summits of the world's 7 continents. This feat would also see Sara become the first person in history to have competed in the Volvo Ocean Race (the 'Everest of Sailing'), and climbed Everest itself. During her reign as a professional sailor, Sara has sailed the equivalent of 5 laps of the planet, and has no signs of slowing down.

Show notes

  • Getting Sara to introduce herself
  • Growing up in the cowboy state
  • Her career path and journey after high school
  • Going all in 
  • Ending up in the Caribbean and starting to sail
  • Wanting to cross an ocean
  • How her sailing career progressed
  • Reading books and being inspired 
  • Deciding to become a professional sailor
  • Deciding to get experience over qualifications
  • Volvo Ocean Race (hardest sailing race on the planet)- a once in a life time opportunity 
  • Becoming part of Team SCA
  • The process of making the team over 18 months
  • Taking advantage of the opportunities that came her way
  • The challenges involved in the race and why it is so full on
  • Getting though the tough times on the water and how she made it through
  • Getting into climbing 
  • Deciding to climb Mount Everest
  • Deciding on the 7 seas and 7 summits challenge
  • 4 more mountains to go!
  • Looking for corporate sponsorship and how she approaches it
  • Deciding every day to believe in herself and to keep working on it
  • Being 2 years in and still just as passionate as she was at the start
  • Keeping herself motivated 
  • Balance….
  • Not being concerned with a personal life
  • Making money through sailing
  • Dealing with her first knee injury
  • Climbing Mt Elbrus in Russia
  • Fracturing her pelvis and dealing with more injury
  • Coping with the recovery process
  • Being kind to herself
  • Advice and tips for women who want to follow a different type of career path
  • Giving herself permission and asking herself the question - is she doing the right thing
  • You create your life and why you need self initiative


Social Media

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Twitter: @SaraSailingUSA  

Instagram: @sara_hastreiter 

Jan 1, 2019

Abbi is adventurous, fun, loves being outside and can not sit still! She loves being in the open air, and strives for everyday big and small adventures. Abbi encourages others to get outside and to get active she does this as both a hobby and a job; her job as an expedition leader and outdoor instructor, sees her travel a lot taking groups of adults and children on challenge expeditions it also allows her to teach bushcraft and survival skills to all types of people. 

In 2017 Abbi set herself a HUGE challenge, to take part in 30 endurance events over 2018 to raise money and awareness for the charity Young Minds. During this podcast we learn more from Abbi about her life the challenges she has faced and overcome and what she has learned on the way

*** Please note during this episode we do talk about eating disorders, mental health and suicide - we do not go into specific but please be aware these subjects are mentioned ***

Show notes

  • Loving the outdoors, being outside and being into health and fitness
  • Not being able to sit still
  • Loving to learn and studying for her Masters
  • Growing up in Dartmoor in the South West of the UK
  • Deciding to be an expedition leader
  • Meeting her husband and how her path changed
  • Training to be a teacher 
  • Moving to the Isle of Man
  • Going to Borneo as an Assistant Leader
  • Finding out about the adventure industry
  • Working with charities and helping children who have behavioural expeditions
  • Getting into sporting challenges… 
  • Why exercise wasn’t always a positive thing
  • Recovery and having anxiety about food
  • Being inspired at school to get outdoors
  • Being in all boy teams
  • Realising she liked ultra running
  • Being booked on to the Thames Trot Ultra Marathon
  • What she loves about ultra marathons
  • Running a double marathon and managing to stay positive and out of the dark moments
  • Deciding to do thirty4thirty
  • Going back to December 2017 and how she was feeling before the start of the challenge
  • Wanting to raise money for a mental health charity - Young Minds
  • Sharing her story and sharing her past history
  • Her first event - January 1st 2018! The Knacker Cracker
  • What happens as the months went by
  • Having a coach and working with Mark 
  • 69 mile ultra marathon and feeling emotional when no sponsorship came through
  • Doing a 100 mile race and an ironman!
  • Starting to feel tired towards the end of the year
  • Being intimated by the ironman course
  • How she has recovered between events
  • Her nutrition while training 
  • The final event and making it up herself
  • Preparing for 2019 and taking time out to reflect on what she has achieved
  • Hosting a charity ball in March 2019 for Young Minds
  • What Abbi has learned from this year
  • Advice and tips for you 

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Dec 25, 2018

On the 10th September 2018 - I started my next challenge, cycling over 4,000km down the Pacific Coast Highway to San Diego, before crossing the border into Mexico to cycle the Baja Divide to Cabo San Lucas.

During this podcast I share more about the journey and what I learned along the way!

Show notes

  • What this episode is about
  • Flying of to Vancouver in September 2018
  • Check out the previous episode which is all about the planning and preparation before the trip
  • Talking the talk and walking the walk
  • Stepping outside my comfort zone
  • Questions from the Tough Girl Tribe
  • Choosing my bike… 
  • Flying into Vancouver and buying a second hand bike
  • Being scared the first time I rode the bike
  • Navigation on the Pacific Coast Highway
  • Packing…. being a minimalist and being conscious of weight
  • Clothing and wanting to be warm at night
  • Taking my laptop with me….
  • Trying to do two very separate challenges
  • Borrowing an off road mountain bike
  • Riding the off-road section and breaking my chain
  • Breaking my back rack in the desert
  • FASS Bike Shop - Baja California - deciding on options
  • What would you do differently…
  • Posting the bike back from Cabo San Lucas
  • What I should have done!
  • Navigation on the Baja Divide - Garmin etrex 10
  • Where I stayed and how I organised my accommodation
  • Looking one day a head for camping
  • What I packed and what I didn’t use
  • Why I took my laptop with me
  • Swapping bikes half way through
  • Highlight from the trip
  • Meeting awesome people to cycle with
  • Biggest difficulty from the trip
  • What I loved about the trip
  • What I learned about myself
  • Food and nutrition
  • Bike repair and bike maintenance
  • Safety while travelling
  • Injuries and chafing


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Dec 18, 2018

Allie has run over 60 races, from half marathons to 100 mile ultras, and her race sheet for 2018 is looking pretty interesting. In 2017 she gained her first podium place at The Ox 50 where she came first woman, repeating this at the Cotswold Ultra 44 mile race. 

In October 2017 she finished her first 100 mile race in under 24 hours. She’s passionate about empowering women in sport and especially about endurance racing. 

In January 2018 she became the first woman to cross the largest body of freshwater in the world on foot, taking part in a 100 mile multi-stage event on Lake Khovsgol in Mongolia. She has also trained people to run marathon and ultra distance. Having suffered from mental health problems for a lot of her life, she’s a passionate advocate of running as therapy and will be supporting Mind Hackney as her charity of choice in 2018. 

Show notes

  • Coming back from Man V Lakes (Rat Race Event
  • Why she introducers herself as a mid pack runner
  • Getting into running 6 or 7 years ago
  • Being rubbish at sport
  • Deciding to go on her first run
  • Working in the music industry in a high stressed environment
  • Running her first 10K
  • Trying to raise some money and entering the London Marathon
  • ITB Injury…
  • Why she had to run another Marathon.
  • How her running journey progressed and why sibling rivalry motivated her
  • Doing her first trail run and what she loved about it
  • Deciding to do an ultra!
  • Venn diagram of runners
  • Swapping music festivals for running
  • Comparing her 20s to her 30s
  • Playing a role
  • Becoming a freelancer
  • What she loves about running communities
  • What she thinks about while running
  • Bad Boy Running - Online Running Community - Facebook & Podcast
  • Creating her own running community for women - She’s Electric
  • Running 100 miles across a frozen lake in Mongolia
  • Not liking the cold!
  • Using running spikes on the lake
  • The issues with sleep and nutrition
  • Wanting to get to the end
  • The book - Relentless Forward Progress


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